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Kisses 4 Us Ignite Some Holiday Passion With 30 Different Kisses


Kisses 4 Us

Kisses 4 Us a box full of fun, flirty and romantic kisses! 30 Unique kiss cards containing an explanation of the kiss. While including trivia, fun facts and some tips on how to enhance your kissing experience and technique. Also you will 5 “create your own” kiss cards along with an idea book. Most of the kisses included are “family friendly” and you can do under the mistletoe in front of your family.

Kisses 4 Us Idea Book

For a married couple this just may help reignite romance into your relationship. Open the beautiful black box and start kissing! You never know what type of kiss you may choose. What is your favorite type of kiss? Hand kisses or a trail of kisses or something in between?
The idea book that is included helps offer some suggestions. You can secretly hide the cards around the house and surprise your partner. Or you can draw a card before work to start your day out right. Draw a card when you come home to help release the tension from the day.
This is a perfect gift for the holidays for your partner or maybe newlyweds.

I love this game and we have had so much fun kissing the night away. It is perfect for newlyweds or for that couple that has been married for years. So many creative kisses that you can share with your significant other and even the option to create your very own kiss. We hide them around the house and when one of us finds the card we have to hunt the other one down and give them the kiss. Which makes for special surprises through the day or even the night. So grab a couple and put them in stocking or put them under the tree. Either way they will LOVE you for it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.