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Kids need help eating healthy? Try Reading “Eat the Rainbow” Book!


Katheryn Kemp Guylay is the author of Give it a Go Eat a Rainbow. She has dedicated her life to helping educate and inspire kids and people of all ages to a healthier lifestyle. She speaks at schools and is a best-selling author. As the founder and director of Nurture, she offers free nutrition and wellness education to all. Her 12-year-old son is credited with the illustrations in this book. Winner of the Mom's Choice Award, 2016 Family Choice Award, and Parent Tested/Parent Approved Award.

Give it a Go, Eat a Rainbow makes vegetables colorful!

Kids need to be taught good habits. As a mom, I am constantly reminding my kids to brush their teeth, eat their vegetables and drink enough water. On top of all the personal health habits we as moms need to nurture we also have life and social skills to tackle. Some times it seems like an overwhelming job to help our children prepare for a future on their own and positively contributing to society. Thankfully, we have years to instill good habits in our kids and there are wonderful aids out there that can reinforce what we are teaching them in an indirect way. 

I was thrilled to read this book to my kids. I love finding new authors that tackle tough issues and problems in our society. America needs to become a healthier nation. We have a lot of obese people in our country that suffer from multiple health problems. I don't want my kids to make poor health choices, that is not the kind of future I want for my kids. Preventing it, starts while they are young and reading this uplifting book is a good step on their journey. 

This book teaches the basics. Kids might not put two and two together unless we teach them. If they feel a lack of energy, they need to look at the food they ate. Food is fuel for our bodies and an important lesson for all of us to learn.

Vegetables and Fruit can make a Rainbow!

This wonderful book breaks down different fruits and veggies and highlights the importance of eating them.


Overall, we loved the colorful and rhyming fun of eating healthy. This is a delightful book that will reinforce everything you are telling your kids to do. All of the vegetables and fruits are in full color and it is eye-catching for kids of all ages.

Do you struggle with teaching your kids healthy habits?


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