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Keeping Your Mans Beard Trim And Looking Good


Men love to grow beards, and how do they take care of it is with beard products. There are so many new products out there and the CanYouHandlebar lets the man design his box. These boxes are in the most handsome kraft colored box, with each of these kits and they include the exclusive CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush. Choose from the traditional oils and beard balms.

Whatever he chooses will be in this box, his choice of items, he can even add mustache waxes, be sure to pick your favorite accessories. The brushes bristles are made from horsehair, over time, the porous wood will absorb the oils, and may show through the top side. No need to worry this is expected to happen.


The oil is built around the warm scent of fresh cut spruce and cedar, with just the hint of citrus. It’s warm and definitely a man scent. The smell will have the man reminded of sitting at the fire with a cup of coffee and letting his mind wander.

All of the beard oil have a unique scent to them. When it comes a time for a man to take care of their beard and moustache, they want them to feel, like they have put the best effort in taking care of them. They have put much thought into every aspect of what they make. Only using natural and Nut-free ingredients, including the essential oils of plants, trees, and flowers. One of the best things is included in each order are tips. on how to use them.

Each product has its own blend of the following ingredients.

local wax (from Michigan bees)
USP grade lanolin (the good stuff)
grapeseed oil
olive oil
coconut oil
castor oil
shea butter
vitamin E
High-grade essential oils

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.