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We do so much traveling, and the best spot for us is the Tennessee mountains in the winter. Nothing is more beautiful them the mountians full of snow. And the cabin we stay at has three floors, sometimes 2 all depending. We have been wanting to get something to use, so we can get in touch with the others in the house. And these are great for that and keeping up with the weather conditions. TALKABOUT T400 are the best things we have, to take and keep track of people we are with. 

Take a pair of radios on your next camping trip, hiking trip or even to your backyard or nearby park, and keep in contact with the people you are with. With a simple push of the button and up to a 35 mile range, you can enjoy outdoor activities and quickly stay connected to friends and family.

They feel great to hold in the hand with rubberized grips and talk button right at the thumb. All buttons and controls have a tight and solid feel. The user interface and buttons are easy to work out and there’s a clear manual available if needed, we had no issues using them and getting the feel of them.

With a weather alert radio and an FM radio built in, this is definitively a great emergency handset. The LED light added into the mix provides a beacon to find the radio in the dark in a power outage and a useful tool when needing emergency light. All the things we need in case of a blackout, or some case of emergency. You can use either the battery that came with the unit or you can use 3 AA batteries. The AA batteries would be good in the event the rechargeable battery went dead.

The two-way radio has “22 + 8 repeater channels and 121 privacy codes” – which provides for an enormous number of different combinations, for max privacy. Loving these and plan on using them, everytime we go away now.

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Disclosure: I received a product to facilitate this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.