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Keep the Germs away at School with Purell Sanitizers


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Purell is a well-known brand. I consider it the most recognized name in hand sanitizer. Since 1988, Purell has been keeping america safe from germs. It originally was only used by healthcare and restaurant personnel. Soon people realized that it was an effect way to kill germs and it was made available to everyone.

Kill germs with Purell Hand sanitizers!

Purell hand sanitizers

Germs are out there. They are always waiting to attack. Germs bring on colds and sickness when you least expect them. I am constantly fighting against germs. I have tried to teach my kids to always wash their hands but you can never wash them too much. I have come to rely on hand sanitizers. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse, car, and home has helped our family stay on top of germs. I was thrilled to try the new scents from Purell.

Purell is a staple in our house. I have bottles of hand sanitizer sitting around the house at all times. I really love knowing that Purell kills 99.99% of germs.

It is nice to have Purell helping my family stay healthy. 

Purell hand sanitizers

Purell Advanced has come to be able to kill more that the average hand sanitizer. It can kill more than 99.99%. I find that amazing. Each of the scents of Purell are wonderful. The original refreshing gel is great as well as the refreshing aloe. My hands don’t get too dry even though I use this multiple times a day.

Purell hand sanitizers

Being on the go, it is great to have these little bottles. I make sure I attach one of these to my kids lunch bag, back pack and their sweatshirts. It might seem like I over do it but I want to make sure they can keep their hands clean wherever they are. They are in the habit of using some before they eat their lunch especially. That is such a comfort to me to know that even when I am not around Purell is helping them stay healthy.

Purell hand sanitizers

Purell has a Natural bottle as well. This is made from plant based alcohol and is infused with essential oils. I love using it and I really love these types of squirt bottles. These I keep in my car and even while I am driving I can pass it around so all of my kids get their hands clean.

Purell hand sanitizers

Hygiene is a priority in our house. We could not keep up if it wasn’t for Purell. Having a solution to germs with you wherever you go is awesome and I love all of the different scents and bottles that they offer. As the kids get ready for back to school, I stock up on Purell because I know it will keep them healthy even when I am not around. Do you use hand sanitizer?


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