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Just Bones Swimwear board shorts are versatile and adjustable for Every Size!


just bones boardwear

Just Bones Boardwear began offering board shorts to boys only in sizes 21-30. Now they are offering their wonderfully versatile and adjustable board shorts in all sizes for toddlers, boys and girls. Their adjustable waist band is what makes them different from every other board short company because it provides a real solution to a real problem. 

Keeping kids in clothes that fit them is a full-time job. Just when their clothes fit perfectly they grow another inch. We are constantly making sure the pants are long enough of both of my kids. Even this summer we had a hard time with finding shorts that were a good length but also fit comfortably on the waist. Too often at the beach you will see people tugging on their shorts because the waist is too big. It is vital then when your shorts get wet that the waist band can hold them up. I was thrilled to try these board shorts because I want my son to enjoy his time swimming and not have to worry about his shorts falling.

Just Bones Board Wear solved a very pesky problem of the waist band of board shorts being too big.

They created a Velcro pocket that hides the adjustable band that helps give a snug fit to every shape and size.  The logo JUST BONES flap is where all the magic happens. As a mom of boys, I am always searching for pants that have the elastic waist band that adjusts on a button. Under this flap is a  button and an elastic strap that goes around the waist. Just pull the elastic strap and button it to the slot that fits the waist best. Now put the Velcro flap back into place and no one will ever know!

On top of the amazing Velcro flap is the face that these shorts are so stretchy. Thy are super comfortable because they conform to you. The fabric is super soft and you just have to take a look at all of the available patterns on their website. 

Overall, we were thrilled with the comfort of these shorts. You can wear them anywhere and you will be surprised how versatile they are especially now that they offer toddler sizing. Do you need some shorts that fit you perfectly?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.