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Jewish Holidays In A Box

Everyone celebrates the holidays in their own ways. Some people to love to have family and friends over while others just might want to enjoy the comfort of their homes. Although no matter the way you celebrate, the holidays are still enjoyed. Here's the thing, what if you wanted your family to experience something different. Experience a holiday that is different from your culture what you normally celebrate. Well, I have a product that can give your family just the new experience you are looking for. This is a product that can help you spread what if feels like to celebrate something totally different. So check out the information on the product below.

Hanukkah Bingo Game

Jewish Holidays In A Box

From kids to grandparents, the Hanukkah Bingo Game can bring a whole new joy to the table. This unique game is ideal for families out there looking for that perfect feel-good game that takes bonding to a new level. This game earned the ” TTT” (TOY TIPS and TRUSTED) status from with an A rating in all categories! 

The Hanukkah Bingo Game would be a great resource for kids with special needs who are visual learners.  This would be an excellent selection for many kids on the autism scale. The game invites up to 4 different players, and 1 person as the caller. The game itself includes:

  • How to Play Hanukkah Bingo Guide
  • Explanation of Symbols
  • 4  Bingo Boards
  • 18 Playing Cards

The Hanukkah Game is simple and easy to catch on too as well. You don't' have to be Jewish at all to play this game. Understanding the game is made easier, all you have to do is read the guide that explains all the aspects. The best part is, the game comes as laminated cards, that way the game can be enjoyed for years and years to come.

Having this product can do many things for you and your family. For the most part, it gives you the opportunity to offer a new experience for everyone. It also offers kids with special needs the chance to have both easy and educational fun. So check out the information on the product above, bring the experience of a different culture to your family. 

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Sandy Cain

Friday 11th of December 2015

That's really cool ! I know I love to experience different cultures. (And their cuisines, of course!) You're right, this would a totally different expereience. Gotta check it out!

Ellen Zimmerman

Tuesday 15th of December 2015

Hi Sandy - Thanks for the nice comment! I have learned through playing with different ages and backgrounds that everyone quickly gets into the game. Just played round after round with 3rd and 4th graders. The most popular thing? Everyone wanted to be the caller at least once :) Happy Holidays! Ellen

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.