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Innovative belts that keep your pants on


A belt created for hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, traveling and everyday fashion.

Customers need a better belt

Jelt Belt saw the need in the belt market for a product that is functional in keeping your jeans from falling and sagging.  It needed to be something that could stand out from every other belt out there.  In 2014 the answer came and Jelt Belt was born. With a nod to 80’s fashion, this modern-retro belt has that different and cool look you’ll love.  As an added bonus it’s made from 100% recycled water bottles!  Jelt is dedicated to making a difference in our lives with responsible and sustainable fashion.

The anatomy of a Jelt Belt

100% metal-free: Making this the easiest belt to wear in an airport.  It can be left on through security checkpoints.

Grippy gel: The inner side is made with gel that grips to your clothing and moves with you. Belt loops aren’t even necessary. 

Super-Low Profile: With this design, no unappealing buckle bulge under a fitted shirt.

More Jelt Products

Take a look at their website, they have more than just belts to offer.  There are also tee shirts, sweaters, hoodies, tanks and hats.  All fantastic and unique designs.  Pricing for belts varies $21.95-$34.95.  Tees, sweaters, tanks and hoodies are $24.50-$47.95.  Hats are priced at $29.95-$34.95

Let us know when you get your first Jelt Belt and share with us the difference it makes in your life.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.