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itBandz Will Help You Say Goodbye to Knee Pain

    I'm not getting any younger, and with age, (like the rest of my body,) my knees are starting to really bother me. I've tried creams, balms, rubs, heat, ice, and even taping them. It all helps to an extent, but if you've ever used sport tape, you know how sticky (and hard to get off) that stuff is! Enter itBandz! The solution to your knee pain. 


What are itBandz?

    Well, simply put, it's a knee brace designed to stay in place, provide support, AND be comfortable. Stacia Pache created itBandz because as a runner, she was tired of a knee brace that wouldn't stay where she put it. She took her twenty years of experience in product development, and created itBandz prototypes for user feedback. Now her itBandz are available for everyone.

knee itbandz4

What or who are itBandz for?

    Whether you run, jog, walk, cycle, or any other physical exercise, and have knee pain, then itBandz is for you. Even if you don't do any of those, and just simply suffer from pain in your knees, then you too, need to check out itBandz.

knee itbandz3

What do we think of itBandz knee brace?

    I don't exercise. Due to all of my health issues, just caring for my family, and our home leaves me debilitated most days. I do however suffer from knee pain, as does my hubby. As soon as I received itBandz from Stacia, we both slapped one on our problem knees.

knee itbandz

    I'm happy to say that I love it. Like I said above, taping my knee helps, but getting it off, and then cleaning off the sticky residue left behind, actually hurts a lot. I have a “typical” knee brace that my doctor told me to wear when my knee is really bothering me, but it's bulky, not very comfortable, and makes my leg swear. I rarely wear it for those reasons. I don't have to worry about that with itBandz. It's comfy, and as she said, it really does stay in place. I've had mine on all day as I've been cleaning the house and baking holiday goodies, and I haven't had to readjust it once. 

    My husband has said the same thing. He also said he likes how it's not big and bulky and he can wear it under his jeans comfortably. He loves it. We're sure you will too!

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Where to buy

    To get yourself an itBandz knee brace, or one to give as a holiday gift, head to their website. You can also follow Stacia and itBandz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.