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Internet and Gaming



Do you spend much time on the internet? I know I do my job is on the internet and I also so go to school so my studying and papers I get my info from the internet. It’s a crazy technical world we live in now. It amazes some time how much we depend on the internet and the accessories that come and go with it. I know my cable company  Time Warner offers home security now that you can view your home and rooms form your cell phone or computer now that is awesome and it wouldn’t be possible without the internet.

You also have online gaming. On line gaming is cool because you can play games and competitions with people from different parts of the world. Now without the internet it wouldn’t be possible to do. The internet has actually brought people from other countries closer and people have made good friends. I myself love on line gaming ,some of my favorites are Caesars online GamblingPogo, these are just two of my favorite online gaming sites for when I want to relax and zone out . I can remember when the games we had were the Atari (founded in 1972), Nintendo the original (founded in 1989) and the dream cast (made in 1999). Now I know a lot of people are thinking the dream cast what is that it was a long long time ago and is one of the first gaming consoles we had when I was a kid. The internet has made it so easy to play games and have fun. The games have more graphics and more interaction with the person and playing and they have also made learning games for children so there’s not as much blood and gore video games for the young kids who want to play games. The internet and gaming have come a very long way and I hope to be around to see more awesome games and for the internet to advance even more.

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Monday 14th of July 2014

I always worry I am spending to much time but thats the life of a blogger I try to limit my kids alot though!

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