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ICaughtSANTA #icaughtsanta


What kid didn’t want to catch Santa in the act, we did and tried so hard to stay awake so we could catch him coming through the door, we had no chimney. But like always we fell asleep. But kids still have that dream of catching him. ICaughtSANTA is just the thing, that can make a child think we caught Santa, they are a website that is not only awesome, they have some really unique pictures, to trick kids into thinking we caught Santa. Making lasting memory’s, that can go on forever.

Santa getting caught by your tree, coming down the chimney and of course we all want one of Rudolf. This site is awesome, have fun adding faces of Santa into your own pictures, we are going to so Liam has one for his first Christmas. Great things they come out with now a days, kids can wake up to the picture of Santa as if we actually caught him.

When we were younger we had Santa visit the house every Christmas Eve, it was our Pa dressed up. We would get one gift and one year it was Nanny, these are some great memory’s I have, and making some with the kids is great. How about Rudolf in the yard that’s a great picture to have,

There’s some really cute images to choose from, and your able to rotate and zoom the image you choose. What ever the picture and image is you can help to create the picture that will be the best memory. What I like is you can even add some great boarders, to these great images.  These are some really realistic pictures, and any child would be so excited to see them. 

My ideas are endless, add your family picture to make a great card with santa or his famous reindeer, anything is possible if you believe. Bring the real meaning to Christmas with this amazing pictures. 



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