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How To Get The Ultimate Beachy Hair Look


It’s summer time, and everyone is looking for those bouncy beach waves. I know that I’ve been looking to perfect them for the longest time. Whether it’s heat-free or styling tools, finding the perfect beach curl has seemed to be an endless adventure… until now.

beach waver

The Beachwaver S1 Ceramic Rotating Curling Iron from the SarahPotempa hair product line is hands down one of the best curling irons I’ve ever used. It creates three types of curls, and has this really interesting feature where after you clamp your hair, it literally rotates for you. I was amazed by how the product worked–I never saw a curling iron that curled hair by itself with the press of a button. Additionally, I rarely use curling irons considering I have naturally curly hair and I find it a hassle, so trying this product and observing what it could do was genuinely amazing. 


This is the before image of my hair. Rough, I know. I took a shower so I had clean hair to work with, and then blow dried it as straight as I could without actually styling it. The only products I put in were some oils and heat protectant spray. Then I had my mom help me use the curling iron because I can’t even use a regular, non-moving one. I’ve tried curling wands before and burned myself, and I’ve tried curling irons and burned myself, so I thought it’d be best to have someone who knew what they were doing more than I did to give it a try. 

The first thing my mom and I did was section my hair with Darby Clips. These clips were GENIUS. I have naturally thin hair, so most clips I use slip and can’t clamp down hard enough. The Darby Clips, however, kept my hair fastened in place. I didn’t once have to readjust the clips, and that made it easier to curl my hair because instead of worrying about the sections, I could focus more on each curl.

bottom layer 2 Now this is the bottom layer. Of the three types of curls I could create (beachy, defined, or vintage), I chose to try the beachy waves. The curling iron was really easy to use because the speed could be controlled while curling the hair, and there was also a home button to keep resetting the iron once you were ready to move to the next section. The temperature also ranged from 290*F-410*F. I typically use higher temperatures while styling my hair to make sure it holds longer, but it can be readjusted to whatever you personally prefer. 

half and halffurther back On the left side of the images, my hair is styled with the curling iron. On the right side of the images, my hair is still yet to be curled. And then once my whole head was curled, it looked a little like this:

final productbackside

This is the final product after curling my hair. Once again, the curls were beautiful. My hair was so voluminous–I was in love with it. I personally had to have my mom help me curl my hair, but it is definitely possible to do it on your own if you know what you’re doing. All you have to do is position your hair in the clamp, direct the arrows to the way you want your hair to be rotated, and then hold as long as you want (I held for 10 seconds). Then, once you’re ready to move onto the next curl, you simply press the ‘home’ button and the curling iron resets itself for you.

I was also given the opportunity to try the SarahPotempa Half Up. This foam based tool is compatible with all hair types, comes in blonde, black, and brown, and creates the perfect bun. I love the half-up half-down look with a bun, and was really excited to try this product. All you have to do is pull your hair through the tool, roll it toward your head, and then wrap your hair around it. The final product looks like this…

bunclose up bunIMG_2156

The bun held really tight, and there was no need for extra clips or bobby pins to keep it in place. Additionally, if you use multiple Half Ups throughout your head, they can be used as rollers for a heat-free beach wavy look. 

Overall, the SaraPotempa Beachwaver S1, Darby Clips, and Half Up were amazing. I definitely recommend them if you’re looking to change up your everyday routine, and achieve gorgeous, voluminous curls! 

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