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Looking for crafts to do for the Holidays- check here! 


Need holiday wall art, checklist, or cards. 


We have some yummy holidays recipes for YOU! 

Gift Ideas

Need ideas for the family- we got you!! 

Holiday Crafts

If you are looking for Holiday Crafts to do, then you should check these out. These are so much fun to do by yourself or with the family! 

Holiday Printables

Christmas Gift Planner Printable

Christmas Gift Planner Printable

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Planner Printable is 7 pages long and helps you plan out everything for the holidays from your family’s wish list, gift ideas you have, Christmas Cards you need to send out, Stocking Stuffers list and so much more!

Cheerful Christmas Movies on Disney+

Cheerful Christmas Movies on Disney+ Printable

This holiday season, cuddle up with a cozy blanket and a warm cup of cocoa and start watching Cheerful Christmas Movies on Disney+. It’s the perfect way to spend family time this holiday season while keeping the children entertained.

Stocking Stuffer List Printable

Stocking Stuffer List

This Christmas use the Stocking Stuffer List to help you come up with stocking gift ideas for all ages in your family. This free printable is broken down into 6 categories: Dad, Mom, Teen Boy, Teen Girl, Boy, and Girl.

DIY Christmas Cupcake Toppers Printable

DIY Christmas Cupcake Toppers Printable

This holiday season turn any cupcake into a beautiful Christmas cupcake using these DIY Christmas Cupcake Toppers. Eighteen colorful Christmas themed toppers are available to be printed on cardstock. 



A classic party game is made over for Christmas, this Christmas Tic Tac Toe activity will be belly-laughing fun for kids and families! This printable game contains not only one complete holiday tic tac toe game but three of them, so the whole family can play at once. 

12 Days of Christmas Stories Cards

12 Days of Christmas Stories Cards Printable

Leading up to Christmas use this 12 Days of Christmas Stories Cards to easily pick which Christmas story to read with your children. This 12 Days of Christmas Stories Printable is filled with colorful pages, twelve large cards, easy to read font, with the title of the book and author that kids will love.

Holiday Recipes

These recipes are my go-to for the Holidays. You will find some easy to make recipes that will take the stress away from you during the Holiday Festivities! 

Holiday Gift Ideas

Welcome to Kelly’s Thoughts On Things Gift Ideas. This year we are featuring some of the best gifts to give. Just click the links and it will take you to each of the websites to browse around and buy a little gift for that special someone! 


Money Tree

Plant Lover?  This San Diego company will send a small batch, farm-fresh potted plants straight to your door. We got the MONEY TREE! So many other plants. 

Perfect gift for someone starting out or not a green thumb.  

Probably the most popular Feng Shui plant, the money tree is said to bring good luck and fortune wherever it goes. It’s also super easy to care for, and can bounce back if you neglect it a little. This tropical indoor plant helps to purify the air and will thrive best in sunny spaces. 



Fruit lovers can choose from single fruit boxes or curated variety boxes, the most popular, the Create your Own Tropical and Exotic Fruit Boxes. Tropical Fruit Box may be the perfect thoughtful and no contact gift for the holiday, business, and even housewarming.

Ucam Home Security Camera

Keep your families privacy with the Ucam Home Security Camera. One of the most compelling use cases of Ucam is monitoring your home in real-time while you are away — we’ve put all the tools you need to do this effectively at your fingertips!

The Chef’s Garden supplies regeneratively farmed boxes of fresh vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and microgreens to top chefs and restaurants around the country and world. And, they are now offering subscription boxes to home chefs and professionals alike, delivering them directly to them through Farmer Jones Farms.

Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread

Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread
  • Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread is nut-free, vegan, and non-GMO. It also contains 30% less sugar than traditional hazelnut chocolate spreads. It’s versatile and can be enjoyed on its own or used as a dip for fruit, and incorporated into many other recipes.
  • With The Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread Variety 4-Pack, you’ll be able to taste a palate of all natural flavors including: original Belgian Dark Chocolate, decadent Caramel & Sea Salt, rich Coconut, and refreshing Caribbean Banana. 
  • The Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread Variety 4-Pack is available for purchase at for $32 + shipping.  


Invidyo’s A.I powered baby monitor has multi-user access which will allow special family members and friends to look at the baby whenever they want. It’s two-way audio feature will also enable them to talk through as if they are actually there! The baby monitor’s A.I nature also detects when the baby smiles and laughs and captures these beautiful moments, so you never have to miss baby’s firsts. On top of that, Invidyo also doubles as a security camera and its facial recognition technology will send alerts in case there is a stranger detected in the vicinity of the baby. This makes it a great present for working parents who want to keep an eye on the baby sitter as well.

The Original Tacocat

The Original Tacocat is an adorable cat-shaped taco holder that includes a silicone insert that helps keep messes at bay..  The silicone insert fits perfectly onto its paws like little mittens and catches the food that would’ve otherwise ended up on the cat.  It can hold up to a 6 inch taco, sandwiches, chips and other food items.  

The Original Tacocat and the silicone insert are both dishwasher safe for a fast and easy clean up, no mess!

Steeped Coffee

Our specialty coffee is produced in special geographic microclimates from around the world that yield beans with unique flavor profiles. Our beans are always fairly and directly traded, prepared to the highest standards, freshly hand roasted in small batches, precision ground, nitro sealed for freshness, and with perfectly engineered ratios and materials for the best single-serve brew available.



Doughp is serving up nostalgia in every box with ready to eat (or bake!) cookie dough. With nationwide shipping, getting ridiculously tasty cookie dough delivered to your front door has never been easier! You can dig into our crowd-pleasing flavors like “Fairy Dust” rainbow sprinkle or “Ride or Die” chocolate chip — or treat yourself to our monthly rotating Seasonal Pack, which will feature flavors such as Gingerbread and Peppermint Cookies & Cream for December. Best of all, Doughp gives back with every spoonful.


Betterair’s ​Biotica 800 is a probiotic air and surface purifier that works to eliminate bacteria pathogens & viruses in the most delicate areas and objects in your indoor environment in a 100% natural and organic way. 

Ott Coffee

Coffee + Cannabinoids = an alert, focused, and mellow state of mind minus the annoying jitters, anxiety, and crash.

New way to drink COFFEE! Ott Coffee is a minority-owned company that sells top-quality Hemp-infused coffee. They give back to the community by giving necessities to the homeless. 



This multipurpose hot/cold gel sleeve allows users to conveniently ice down their joints or apply soothing therapeutic heat to their muscles with flexible fabric to ensure the sleeve stays put. Bonus: The sleeve can also be used on bottles to keep drinks ice cold.

The Miracles Store

The Miracles Store

Inspirational apparel & housewares brand that donates 10% of profits to help women & children rise up from domestic violence.


CROSSNET is the world’s first four square volleyball game. Set up within minutes in sand, grass, or indoors. 


Herr’s will directly ship you these unique and fun gifts filled with Herr’s famous snacks, both priced under $25 – perfect for families, nostalgia lovers, and snack lovers of all ages.

Cotton Blues Cheesecake

Whether you’re in charge of bringing dessert to your next holiday party, hosting friends at your home on New Years Ever or just want to celebrate the season with something sweet, Cotton Blues Cheesecake is all you need to satisfy your holiday dessert cravings. This ready to ship cheesecake is handcrafted in small batches with seven ingredients, ensuring the best quality, flavor, and rich texture. 

Looking to make a quick salad or side garnishes? This fantastic julienne vegetable peeler lets you peel vegetables in the easiest way. It will save you a lot of time while making your special dishes, salads or side garnishes.  It comes with two ultra sharp stainless steel blades: dual julienne and standard vegetable peeler.

Visual Grocery List

With 150+ icons of popular grocery items, all you have to do is circle what you’re out of!

Fun & easy to use for all, from busy shoppers seeking a smarter way to make lists, to parents looking for fun ways to involve the kids in the kitchen.

Need more? We’ve left a blank column on the side to add any extra items!

Strong magnet & premium quality pad: 6 x 9 inches, our sturdy notepad has 50 tear-off sheets 

Waterdrop-Pitcher Filter for Home

Water Filter Pitcher

Easy to use water filter pitcher

This filter comes with 7-layer filtration to reduce contaminants. The gravity induction indicator reminds you to replace the filter for better water quality. It ensures an easy refill of the pitcher without the need to remove the cover.


Sprigboxes -Urban Garden Kits

Sprigboxes are small wooden cubes that come with everything you need to grow your own little Urban Garden. Just add water!

This Basil Sprigbox is an all-inclusive garden kit containing natural seeds and a special growing media. The only thing missing is water and a loving home.

There are many plants/herbs/flowers to pick from so please visit their site.  


Create your own Paint & Sip Experience at home

This Acrylic Painting Experience is designed to be easy and fun, includes all the necessary tools and provides the steps to create your own painting (which is led by professional artists via streaming video). You also choose which painting video you want to paint from our growing library of art. 

10% discount off the paint party experience using code: KTOT10



Steep't Cocktails

Steep't Cocktails

Steep’t Cocktails. We’ve created craft cocktails in teabag format — just steep in alcohol & water and you have a delicious restaurant-quality cocktail in under 2 minutes!
Yes– you read that right. The cocktail-in-a-teabag you never knew you needed, but trust us. You do. Steep’t is the perfect gift for so many people in your life:


Tchibo Coffee

Tchibo Coffee

Tchibo is dedicated to providing premium taste and freshness while prioritizing fair business practices and sustainability. With a 70-year history of mastering the art of science and freshness, Tchibo coffee makes a great gift for any coffee lover in your life!

Maple to Go

Finally, you can bring along enough Pure Vermont Maple Syrup on all your outings.

From remote mountaintops to small city apartments, we’re curious to see where Maple to Go!™ will bring you.

Hairless Dog Brewing

Hairless Dog

Multiple flavors come together in a case pack that we pre-mixed-and-matched for you. Enjoy!

A mixed case pack contains one 6-pack each of our NA IPA, NA Black Ale, NA Citra Lager, and NA Coffee Stout. This is a great choice for first time buyers, or for Hairless Dog Brew fans who like all the varieties!



Veteran owned Made in the USA Premium Spice Company. 

Gluten, MSG and GMO Free. With every bottle purchased we donate to Freedom Service Dogs a not-for-profit organization that takes shelter dogs and trains them to help active military, veterans, first responders, and their families with service dogs. below is our link and pictures of our product to give you an idea of what we carry.

Embossed Co

Want to bring some cheer to someone who loves baking and help them take their baking to the next level? Gift them one of these embossed rolling pins! These beautiful rolling pins are also perfect for more than just cookies and pies. Use these new rolling pins for cakes and other sweets or for savory items like homemade noodles or pasta. You can also use our rolling pins to work with clay and other art mediums. Imagine being able to easily give your pottery a beautiful decorative texture in seconds. All of these rolling pins are made from 100% pure high-grade solid beech wood. They are also 100% food-safe and free of BPA or any other toxic substances. They are sold exclusively online and ship quickly from the United States to anywhere in the world.

Evergreen Platter

Perfect for the holidays! This is a piece that will be around for years.  I can’t wait to use with our holiday dinners.  

This 10×14″ platter is made from ThermoSāf® Polymer that is:

• Microwave Safe

• BPA Free

• Contains No Melamine or Formaldehyde

• Oven safe up to 300°F for up to an hour

• 100% Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Sani+Pak is an easy, compact, on-the-go way to sanitize your hands when soap and water are not available.

Each Sani+Pak gives you the right amount of our 70% Ethanol Alcohol formula to kill 99.9% of most common germs. It is  non-sticky, and contains Aloe and Vitamin E that help to moisturize your skin.

Just tear off the top portion of the Sani+Pak and squirt contents into your hand. Rub both hands together until dry. It’s that simple! Killing germs has never been easier!

Perfect for the home and the car. 

Candle Making Kit

Candle kits are the perfect way for parents to share time with their kids and family while spreading the holiday spirits throughout your home and creating lifetime memories.

This DIY kit provides everything you need-down to the pot and mixing sticks-along with nitty-grittystep-by-stepinstructions to create your very own candles.

With this 52-piece DIY candle making kit you can easily invest time, thought, and love in designing aunique candle for a loved one. You can also gift the complete kit and give children the hands-on learning experience of creating their own scented candles.



There are 100 million forced-air HVAC systems in the USA. These recirculate air while heating or cooling it to regulate interior temperature. Every HVAC system has at least one removable HVAC filter that traps dust and particulates. HVAC maintenance includes frequent HVAC filter replacement.

Do you struggle to reach the HVAC filter to remove it from its slot? This is the perfect gift for you!

The perfect gift to send to someone. Plus very affordable! 

This Hosting Kit will make your guests feel welcomed with these premium alcohol-free beverages that are delicious and a fraction of the calories . Be the Ultimate 2020 Host! Or send it to a loved one that you want to feel included in the holiday joy!  

Keel & Curley

Keel & Curley Winery.

Keel & Curley Winery produces three types of blueberry wines, each with a distinct taste from a dry pinot noir style flavor for pairing with brie, steak and spicy Italian dishes to semi-dry and sweet. All three are made from 100% blueberries. Studies suggest that blueberry wine is more potent than red wine regarding polyphenols, which studies show regularly consuming polyphenols is thought to boost digestion and brain health, as well as protect against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even certain cancers.

Silly Juice

Red Apple Cherry Blossom is the perfect flavor that molds rich fall fruits with the spirit of the holidays. All Silly Juice varieties are made with real juice, no high fructose corn syrup, are non-GMO, gluten-free, low in sodium and contain no added colors.Silly Juice retails 12-packs of all flavor varieties online for $15.95 at their direct-to-consumer website:

DetraPel - Protect Your Home

2 Bottles – Fabric & Upholstery Protector 200ml – The non-toxic Fabric & Upholstery Protector is a powerful nanotechnology-based shield against messy mishaps at home. The protector is an advanced liquid and stain repellent treatment designed for use on sofas, chairs, ottomans, pillows, cushions and more. It creates an invisible barrier that protects surfaces from stains caused by water, juice, coffee, wine, dirt, and food. It is free of harmful fluorochemicals / PFAS and performs on microfiber, baize, corduroy, faille, suede, cotton, vinyl, nubuck, linen and more. Enjoy more time inside with the people and pets you love with the safest protection that will help keep your interior looking fresh and clean.

  • 2 Bottles -Carpet & Rug Protector200ml  – The non-toxic Carpet & Rug Protector is a powerful nanotechnology based liquid and stain repellent treatment designed for use on wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs, throw rugs, bathroom mats and more. This treatment creates an invisible barrier that helps protect against damage caused by spills, water, dirt, and food stains. It is free of harmful fluorochemicals / PFAS and performs on nylon, acrylic, olefin, polyester, smart strand, and wool.

Price: $38.99 + Free Shipping

DetraPel - Protect YourLook

2 Bottles – Fabric & Clothing Protector 200ml – This non-toxic protector is a powerful nanotechnology based liquid and stain repellent that helps protect your favorite apparel from everyday accidents. The protector is a fluorine-free treatment designed for jackets, shirts, pants, dresses, ties, gloves, backpacks and more. By spraying the protector on your favorite apparel, a harmless and invisible superhydrophobic barrier forms that protects your fabrics from damage caused by water, wine, juice, coffee, food and more. Unlike other repellents, it’s free of cancer-causing fluorochemicals / PFAS and performs on cotton, suede, wool, polyester, denim, silk, nylon, fur, spandex, and more.
2 Bottles – Shoe & Sneaker Protector 200ml – This non-toxic protector is a powerful nanotechnology based liquid and stain repellent treatment designed for use on all your favorite footwear. Whether you’re going for a run or heading into the office, protect your feet from getting wet and dirty. The protector creates an invisible layer of protection from damage caused by water, dirt, mud, salt and more. It is free of harmful fluorochemicals / PFAS and performs on canvas, cotton, suede, mesh, polyester, etc.
Price: $38.99 + Free Shipping

Miss Myrtle's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Miss Myrtle's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Miss Myrtle’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, are homemade, organic based with just the right amount for taste but balanced with spice for flavor.

Free Your Tea

Free Your Tea

Our premium loose leaf teas are fine agricultural products, so like wines, they may vary from batch to batch and year to year. Unlike with big-brand-bags our goal is not for our teas to always taste the same, but to always taste the best!

Club Vara Membership Card

Imagine opening a beautiful sleek black and gold Club Vara Membership Card. Give them what they really want. A drink!
From Vara’s award-winning sparkling cava to the bold tempranillo, there is a wine for every palate. Membership has its benefits. Club Vara Membership makes it easy to have award-winning wine delivered to anywhere you call home. This holiday, add a little sparkle to your gift-giving with Vara Wines.

Bite Away®

Bite Away®

Bite Away is an electronic medical device used for the external treatment of bites and stings from mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, gnats, horseflies, and other pesky insects. The device, roughly the size of a thermometer, sports a ceramic tip that warms up in seconds to provide rapid, heat-concentrated relief to the affected skin.

Unprecedented Thyme

An earthy, complex, dynamic blend of the highest quality herbs and spices – Thyme, Sumac, Coriander, Turmeric, Himalayan Sea Salt, Cayenne pepper & Cinnamon merge to create an all purpose rub that will take your roast chicken, stews and marinades to unexpected new heights.

LimeLite™ LED Cube

Set a calming mood in your sensory room, therapy room or child’s bedroom. The LED Cube emits a soft glow, with the option to automatically cycle through 16 colors in flash, strobe, fade or smooth mode. Kids gravitate towards this tool for self-regulation.

Noise Reduction Headphones

Noise Reduction Headphones

Feel overwhelmed in loud spaces or get distracted by background noise? Lightweight yet powerful, these adjustable headphones block out extraneous noise, but still allow you to hear and participate in nearby conversations. Reduces noise up to 20 decibels. Ideal for noisy environments like auditoriums, sporting events, airports or birthday parties. Foldable for easy use wherever you go.

Soft Comfort Swing Chair

This hammock swing is the perfect place to de-stress after school or work! Its flexible design provides a calming ‘hug’ and the swing can be used for swinging back and forth, providing soothing sensory input. Foam-filled seat and back provides full bottom and back support. 

Weighted Bear

Cuddly Bear with Soothing Weight and Tactile Benefits. More friendly than a weighted blanket or lap pad, this super soft and cuddly bear makes a great companion for sensory-seeking kids. Lightly weighted, he encourages sensory input, heavy work, and tactile exploration. Teddy is your calm-down friend for transitions, circle time, therapy sessions or whenever your child needs to calm and focus. He provides a feeling of comfort and security in any situation!

Moscow Muled

Enjoy these authentic copper mugs handcrafted traditionally which are ideal for a number of different cocktails and beverages. Enjoy a fun family experience with a nice Christmas cocktail (for the parents) and mocktail (for the kids)! At Moscow Muled, all copper mugs are premium and handmade using 100% pure high-grade food-safe copper. The company sells exclusively online and ships its products worldwide from its warehouse in the United States. 



Everase is an all-encompassing whiteboard resurfacing solution that eliminates common problems associated with your common dry erase boards. 

The dry erase boards come in many different designs.
Monthly Planner
Weekly Planner
Meal Planner
Babysitter Planner
Thought Bubbles
Sticky Notes

Sit n' Sleep's PureCare Weighted Blankets

Experience gentle, contoured compression with Zensory weighted blankets by PureCare. Our weighted blankets deliver wellness by applying simultaneous and balanced weight to pressure points throughout the body. This soft, consistent stimulation creates a soothing equilibrium of light pressure, allowing a natural grounded comfort to take hold. Weighted blankets may provide a wide variety of wellness benefits, from natural stress reduction and relief from anxiety to a reduction in tossing, turning, and fidgeting.

Tom & Sheri's Iron in a Bottle

Tom & Sheri's Iron in a Bottle

Iron in a Bottle’s an all-natural wrinkle releaser spray for clothing and home, with an eco-friendly, BPA-free, cruelty-free, made-in-America breakthrough formula. 



BuddhiBox is a yoga and mindfulness centered subscription box, particularly geared towards a female audience (“Buddhi” being the ‘female’ version of “Buddha”). They offer a variety fun and useful products, shipped right to our subscriber’s doors! They also offer Gift Boxes for friends and family to send to each other, sharing our boxes and personalized notes along with them. Covid and Quarante has distanced us, and BuddhiBox is here to re-connect people with their loved ones and with themselves, through our calming, yoga/mindfulness inspired goodies

Fundamental Cocktails Recipe Cards

Make drinks at home with 52 expertly curated recipes.  Each recipe card includes flavor profiles to help you choose the perfect drink and easy-to-follow illustrated instructions.  Also includes useful guidance on how to build your home bar.  The perfect tool for home bartenders.

Percussion Massage Gun

Percussion Massage Gun

The iReliev Percussion Massage Gun is a simple device to use and enjoy. You’ll move with more ease, have a better range of motion, and experience less pain as the massager promotes increased blood flow throughout your body. The massager features one button for operation, three levels of intensity, and a modern ergonomic design. Whether you need relaxation or relief, you can enjoy life with a renewed passion.


Every buzzbox is made using top-shelf spirits, hand crafted ingredients, real fruit juices, and all-natural cocktails. buzzbox is proud to be the world’s first portable cocktail with an ultra low environmental impact! Their eco-friendly and proprietary packaging is made primarily from layered paper, forming a kind of “armor” to protect their cocktails from light, oxygen, air, dirt and moisture. It’s lightweight, easy to transport and recyclable. This aseptic technology allows the product inside to stay fresh, without the need of any preservatives. In fact, buzzbox doesn’t even need to be refrigerated until opened so you can bring it anywhere with you, which is great for travel. With 9 classic flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone.
Flavors Available:
  • Perfect Margarita
  • Classic Greyhound
  • Long Island
  • Classic Cosmo
  • Cuban Mojito
  • Bloody Mary
  • Whiskey Lemonade
  • Hurricane
  • Vodka Lemonade

Dosha Mat

 Pamper yourself with this luxurious premium acupressure mat, which is lightweight and travel-friendly. Acupressure is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment which is similar to massage, acupuncture, and reflexology. Acupressure works by massaging and stimulating key points on the body to promote deep relaxation and healing. Acupressure mats benefit the body by relieving tension, soreness and pain in the back, head, neck, shoulders, hips, feet, and other parts of the body. Acupressure mats are also used to help enter a deep state of relaxation, enjoy deeper and more restful sleep, reduce stress, eliminate headaches, increase circulation, positively affect the nervous and immune systems, help muscles recover faster after exercise, and increase energy levels. Dosha Mat acupressure mats are unparalleled in quality and beauty and are 100% eco-friendly. 

My French Recipe

My French Recipe uses 100% natural ingredients for their easy to follow Parisian bake mixes Get that unique homemade taste with each of My French Recipe’s unique recipe options like lava cake, macarons, crepes, and more!

Little GF Chefs

Little GF Chefs

A sweet (or salty) baking subscription kit that’s safe for kids with diet restrictions like Celiac or other allergies. You can buy them individually but you’d soon realize the subscription option is the way to go. Options to choose from include 1,3, 6, and 12 -month subscription, plus refill kits too!

Circle B Ranch

Circle B Ranch is here to bring you the healthiest and best quality homemade sauces, mixes, and chutneys on the market. From award-winning, gluten-free bloody mary mixes to sauces for any need, Circle B Ranch has all your clean, wholesome goods that are the perfect additions to your pantry!

Rising Tides Coffee

Rising Tides Coffee Co is bringing joy to your mug each morning with their fair trade organic, small-batch, artisan roasted, craft coffee! Not only is it their mission to ethically source the world’s finest beans, they also take great joy in giving back to the community locally, and globally. Rising Tides Coffee Co offers three unique flavors AND each bag donates to a unique charity based on how it was created.

Daisy Rain Garden Sprinkler Pots

Daisy Rain Garden Sprinkler Pots help you grow long-lasting roses, any of your favorite flowers, plants, delicious berries, ripe tomatoes and whatever you most prefer to grow with peace of mind. Rest assured your plants are all set to grow with the new patented Daisy Rain Garden Systems Sprinkler Pots that allow you to water numerous plants with the turn of a hose. The Sprinkler Pots are easy to use, simply connect to any garden hose or irrigation system, and are reliable in keeping your plants watered. 

The Chicks Company

The Chicks Company

The Chicks Company is focused on discovering new and unique coffee beans from plantations that support women growers in their path towards employment advancement and education. They seek out innovative coffee plantations implementing environmentally-conscious growing and harvesting practices.

The Original Wall Stamp

The Original Wall Stampare large rubber stamps with embossed designs with a patented “self-leveling system” that allows users to paint patterns quickly and easily on walls, floors, furniture, table tops, fabrics, and other surfaces. Roll paint on, Stamp, Remove, Repeat. Simply stamp a wall in 30-45 minutes or a whole room in an hour or too adding an eye-catching dimension. The Original Wall Stamp is more effective than wallpaper, faster than stencils, and is versatile, finishing your project with easy soap and water clean up. 
With 7 stamp styles to choose from in Brick, Couture, Damask, Dior, Fleur de Liv, Lattice, and Roses. 

Fortress Water

Fortress Hemp Water is the only Water that blends premium botanicals with 5 mg of Pure Hemp Extract.

Ultima Replenisher

With more than 75% of Americans suffering from dehydration, this electrolyte drink provides highly effective hydration with six electrolytes and zero sugar, calories, or carbs. It’s also vegan, gluten-free, soy/dairy-free, keto-friendly, and paleo-friendly. Available in large canisters and portable stick packs – perfect for those on the go! 


Luxury Series triple-wick Scented Candle from MINISO, which will create a warm ambiance, transforming your home into a cozy space to unwind after a long day. On top of that, this candle can also bring you a beautiful and soothing scent of coconut and lime that’s sure to put you in the holiday mood. Coupled with the candle, our package also comes with Christmas decorations and greeting cards.

Heifer International

The proceeds from all merchandise sales go directly back to Heifer’s global programs, which are run by the local communities and focus on gender equality, climate change, youth employment, and regenerative agriculture. Items on offer range from luxury pashmina shawl to fragrant spices from Heifer Ecuador and hand-made jewelry made by Heifer’s very own farmers. 



Veestro is a 100% plant-based meal delivery service that makes it easy to get more plant-based foods into your diet without sacrificing taste or convenience. No chopping. No cooking. No cleanup. Simply heat up in the oven or microwave. Veestro is about what feeds us, body and soul—delicious, organic, healthy, sustainable, from plants. And it’s fully prepared for any time we need to eat it. Veestro is 100% plant-based with fresh ingredients. Choose from dietary preferences: gluten free, nut free, low calorie and kosher to name a few. Flexible Plan options include weight loss (5 or 7 day plan), chef’s choice or a la carte (choose 10, 20, or 30 meals) allowing for the customer to meet their specific needs.

For Her

Alicia Boateng Designs

AFRO Glam Coffee Mug collection by Alicia Boateng Designs that ticks all the boxes: beautiful, blinged out, useful, under $30.00 AND… a conversation starter – not to mention the company is BIPOC owned. These cups (they also offer wine tumblers and larger tumblers for the woman-on-the-go) are part of a collection created to motivate and empower women of all colors, all over the world.

Ink & Willow

New line of books that encompasses a range of creative and interactive products that fuse contemplation and inspirationand spark a reminder of how we can find beauty in the midst of our ordinary.

  • Choose Joy-Coloring Book
  • Whatever Is Lovely Postcard Book
  • 52 Weeks of Gratitude
  • To Read or Not to Read
  • Our Daily Question- book for couples


Personalized Robe & Stemless Wine Cup Gift Box

This is perfect gift box set for someone who loves to be pampered.

For those nights after a long day, pour a glass of wine in this personalized stemless cup, slip on this satin laced robe, and just stay in. 



Enjoying the moment is a time to savor your downtime and reflect on life’s big and small things. This painting is part of the series titled, “Emotions.”

Print Size: 9 x 11 inches. Printed on premium archival fine art paper for a high quality print that prevents sun damage.

Very affordable plus very beautiful. 

Nancy Murphy, Painter


The Cool Me Scarf is made from 100% Lyocell – a silky smooth fabric that is breathable, moisture wicking, and hypoallergenic to keep your skin dry and cool. Lyocell is eco friendly, made from wood viscose harvested from sustainably managed forests.

A gift of beautiful caring for women of a certain age. These “hot flashing” women will look hot, but feel cool with Cool Me Scarf.

Eleve Cosmetics

If you’re looking for insight on the skincare products getting rave reviews, Elevé Cosmetics is proud to announce that they’re an award-winning brand. Regardless of the accolade, customers are raving about this clean beauty brand with a range of multi-tasking products. Create a look that glows with the clean, modern, stylish, and long-wearing line that’s packed full of antioxidants, peptides, and active anti-aging ingredients that heal, repair, and protect your face. 

Purewrist Go


A fun, sleek bracelet that’s actually a reloadable, prepaid debit card! This band makes it easy to go shopping, pick-up coffee, or ride the subway without ever having to touch your wallet.

Users can easily access their account information for balance info, tracking expenses, and adding funds to the card via the mobile app or desktop. The bands are available in Black, Blue, Yellow, White, and Pink. 


Claymonics Word Patterns are sublimation printed onto the garment, giving you a bold, colorful product. Each pair of leggings is hand cut and sewn in-house after printing. 

Comfortable and flexible.  Made with a smooth and comfortable micro-fiber yarn. Flat seam, cover stitch High waistband. Inner pocket sewn into waistband seam

The classic tote with a modern twist: all-over-print allows for 100% customization, bringing the basic tote to the next level. Your next shopping trip just got a little more earth-friendly and a lot more stylish!

  • Dimensions: 16″l x 16″w; Strap: 28″l



Cambiami is revolutionizing the footwear industry by allowing you to instantly personalize your sandal with dozens of colorful, comfortable and fashion-forward interchangeable straps.

Wear these sandals to complement anything from jeans and a tee to a breezy maxi dress.

A set of Gorgeous Rx Products that provide healthy skin with even skin tone.

Powerful anti-aging treatment contains a potent blend of 5 types of self-stabilized, bioavailable Vitamin C 10% in a rich cream base to nourish, hydrate and protect skin as it fights and reverses the signs of aging.

Watercolor Kit

This kit has everything you need to begin a powerful, joy-filled watercolor journey is included.

  •  #watercolorkiss palette dot card of choice
  • 1 #artforjoysake watercolor brush 

  • 5 5×7 sheets of Arches Cold Press 140 lb watercolor paper

  • 2 practice sheets

  • 1 double sided watercolor lesson card

  • Perfect for anyone who loves to paint or want to start painting.  The cards are amazing and can’t wait to send to family. 

CBD bath bomb

Two different varieties bath bombs at Hemp Ville CBD, and both are great for combating anxiety, stress, body aches, and more. Great for a full body and mind relaxation, and they’re good for your skin too!  Great gift for the MOM who needs to relax!


  • Scent: Holiday Cheer – spicy bouquet of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and juniper

  • Soy blended, perfumed candle with a natural core wick

  • Packaged in a collectible, custom labeled glass vessel and gift box
  • Included matches ensure the candle is ready to enjoy

14 oz handcrafted, soy blended candle – natural core wick – strongly scented – 80+ hours burn time

Elixir is a premium, highly concentrated CBD tincture.

Elixir which is cinnamon flavored and can mix with chamomile tea, coffee or taken on its own for chronic pain, relaxation, de-stressing, sleeping better, you name it. 

CBD & MCT oil together can relieve stress, may combat inflammation and can help you sleep soundly.

Muscle Magic

Muscle Magic is a high-potency pain relief serum.

Cooling CBD & essential oils can soothe sore muscles and may reduce inflammation.

Easy to use!

Simply apply the roll on to the affected area as needed. You will feel the cooling sensation in 1-2 minutes. Muscle Magic is meant to be portable and easy to use 


Enriched with the nourishing power of the Japanese ocean botanical Mekabu, this luxurious shampoo is low foaming, adding shine and hydration for all hair types. 

MASAMI Mekabu Hydrating Shampoo’s nutrient-rich formulation fortifies and reawakens hair. Apricot oil, coconut oil and Laminaria Japonica (kombu) provide the nutrients and vitamins important for healthy hair. MASAMI Shampoo is the ultimate in hydration for hair and nourishment for the scalp.

Women's Self-Care Box


The HER-MINE Box is an aromatherapy, beauty, wellness & lifestyle subscription box primarily featuring products by women-owned businesses.
Includes full size and deluxe sample size products. Including Candles, Essential Oils, Diffusers, Tea, Skincare, Snacks & More.

Use code KTOT to receive 10% off your order.

Banish Kit 2.0

banish kit

Skin Benefits of The Banish Kit 2.0

  • Improves the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, & wrinkles
  • Skin tone appears more even
  • Increases the effectiveness of topical skin care.
Snocca nails

Premium quality reusable press-on manicure and pedicure.

Nails are non-damaging and no glue stain remained on natural nails, making them great products for pregnant moms. 
There are many other advantages of Snocca Nails: long-lasting, reusable, luxury packing vegan, and cruelty-free.  
So beautiful and easy to use!  
COUPON CODE: For 25% off  use “kelly25” at checkout. 
Bark Yours

A Dog Lover’s Marketplace

Bringing together collections of original dog-inspired products & gifts that celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit.  All created and sold by independent artists, and all on one platform.  BarkYours is a popular online store dedicated to dog enthusiasts with affordably-priced merchandise lovingly crafted by dog-loving artists.  

This well-organized site is brimming with unique and high-quality apparel, items for the home and office, jewelry, bags, collectibles, artwork, stationery, and more for nearly 160 breeds of dogs.  In “The Dog Shop,” there are even selections for dogs themselves, including coveted ID tags, leashes, collars, jackets, bandanas, bowls, blankets, beds, harnesses and delicious culinary items, to name but a few.  

BarkYours helps dog owners show pride of ownership and happiness, while also being a source for the most sought-after gifts, hard-to-buy-for recipients, hostess gifts, dog sitters, and others. Proceeds from every purchase on BarkYours benefit a dog-related charity.  While shopping at BarkYours, find time to peruse BarkYours Spotlight, the monthly Blog about dog-themed topics and noteworthy trends.

One of our FAVORITE Gifts this year! 

Give the gift of beautiful hair this year with this complete collection of professional-level products, designed to provide a healthier, more youthful-looking shine. The ProLuxe System comes with elegant, holiday-themed packaging that includes a Neora-branded gift box, jewel-toned tissue paper and a gift tag that you can personalize.

Michael O’Brien’s tee has three essential messages: 
  1. On the Front – Pause, Breathe and Reflect so we can be thoughtful and calm as we go forward.
  2. On the Back – Who’s in Your Peloton? This is a metaphor for your network because we can’t do this alone.
  3. Printed Inside – A message of resilience because this moment has knocked us all down and we have the strength to get back up. 
It’s the perfect message for 2020 given all that we’ve been through and it’s made with six recycled plastic bottles. 

Crystals are healing stones that work in powerful, yet subtle ways to attract a desired energy and strengthen your personal energy field. They are tools of self-healing that can help improve your health and wellbeing.

Chakra Crystals Healing Bag, has 7 hand selected healing stones, each of which correlate with one of the main chakras in the body. Chakras are centers from which energy flows throughout the body.

EXQUISITE GIFT SET: mascara + remover + wipes + bag

What a luxury! This set includes clean cosmetics trio [natural mascara + fresh micellar water remover + reusable eraser wipes] but it also comes with this classy saffiano pu leather black and white bag.

This gorgeous bag is fully lined in our signature pink, embossed in black and finished with the perfect little silver bow. A truly unforgettable gift.

The masacara works so good too. 

Level Naturals Gift Set

Jasmine + Rose Discovery Set

Perfect gift for the mom who needs some pampering.

This discovery set includes everything you need to level up your pamper session. Begin with the skin softening Epsom salt bath bomb to prep for the sugary granules to sweep away dead skin cells with our body polish. Follow up with the moisturizing bar soap that leaves skin clean yet hydrated. Lastly, roll the natural fragrance onto your body to keep the relaxing aromatherapy going all day long.

COUPON CODE; 10 % off use KTOT10

seriously hydrating kit


Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, Hydrating Mask

Hydration that means business. This restorative trio works hard to gently cleanse and replenish moisture while naturally providing UV protection to dry, thirsty hair.

Perfect gift for Curly, Fine, Kinky, Straight, Thick, Wavy hair types.  

The Hydrate Collection works to add moisture and nourish strands so they stay healthy.

“This bestselling kit is now sold out, but you can build your own Seriously Hydrating Kit with Verb’s Small Custom Kit and still get 20% off”.



A delicate necklace that you’ll want to wear every day. The heart-shaped pendant is made of hammered metal, so its surface has a unique texture that reflects the light. A contemporary twist on the classic pendant necklace.

This necklace is so amazing and love how it looks on! 


* A pretty hammered metal heart on a delicate chain.
* Measurements: length: 16 inches / 20 inches + 2 inch extension, pendant: 1.5 x 0.7 inch, weight: 0.2 ounces
* Materials: 24K gold plated brass, hook&eye closure.
* Arrives beautifully packaged in a jewelry box, ready for gifting.
* Designed with love and made by hand.
* Also available in Silver.


ReGeN De Peau Platinum

Moisturizes and rejuvenates Reduces wrinkles and effects of aging | Increases firmness | Reduces discoloration | Tightens skin and reduces crepiness | Luminosity greatly increases while under-eye circles and discoloration decrease | Increases cell renewal rate | Increases collagen production | Builds a barrier against free radical damage | Visibly reduces the appearance of pore size | Increases oxygen absorption | Reduces facial spider veins | Produces a cooling sensation that reduces skin surface temperature on contact | In most cases, assists in improving the appearance and discomfort of rosacea, acne, scarring, eczema, and psoriasis | Rejuvenates like a freshener/toner

“Strength” Vented In Brooklyn Aromatherapy Power Bracelet

“Strength” Vented In Brooklyn Aromatherapy Power Bracelet

Feel Good Smell Good Do Good

Feel Good by reminding yourself and stating your Power Word during the day. You can achieve your goal! You have the Strength!
Smell Good by practicing the ancient art of aromatherapy by adding your favorite essential oil to your Vented bracelet. Inhale your wrist, breathe out and repeat! Destress that crap away!
Do Good by knowing when you buy a Vented bracelet that you are gifting a bracelet to a cancer patient. That person will then know that they are not alone going through treatment and their cancer journey.

Macklin Bath and Home

Take your bathing experience from pleasant to extraordinary with the Bamboo Bath Tray by Macklin Bath and Home. Made from 100% real bamboo, this exemplary bath accessory is designed for both upscale décor and excellent ease of use.

Truly enjoy your relaxation time with a bathtub tray designed to accommodate virtually any personal activity that makes bath time worth it.


Inspired by their own families, they saw an incredible opportunity: To create a range of household products exclusively with natural ingredients that worked as well, if not better, than synthetic options. Superior quality at supermarket prices, accessible and affordable to all.


People's Choice Beef Jerky

The People's Choice Jerky Boxes

The People’s Choice Jerky Boxes are a great way to sample a variety of our delicious, handmade jerky snacks. Each jerky gift basket is curated with our best beef jerky. Look no further for the ultimate beef jerky gift.


Wizard Carving Kit

BeaverCraft wizard carving kit includes everything you need to get started. You gett a whittling knife, finishing supplies, wood, booklet, step-by-step video guide, safety tape and even a pencil. It’s on the all-in-one kits that appeared on the market recently. It’s a totally unique concept of wood carving kits.

Bluetooth Speaker

Create a bluetooth speaker that connects to your phone for an instant at home concert. Learn all about sounds, bluetooth, and more real world components. Includes all needed components, an online course, and world class troubleshooting support.

Creation Crate delivers stem courses that teach kids, teens, and adults how to program electronic projects.


The Capsule

Airpods case/ "The Capsule

The Capsule is a sleek, protective leather case made of premium full-grain leather and durable plastic that protects and adds a classy look to the AirPods. The Capsule fits snug around your AirPods and gives them a full 360° protective leather coverage. All the while, The Capsule gets better and better by developing a rich patina through its lifetime of use.

The Apollo

The Apollo

 This everyday wallet includes features we and our customers love, such as The Monarch’s pull tab feature, The Freeman’s ID window, and The Baron’s money clip and V-pocket design. The Apollo makes it easy to access your everyday cards quickly. The money clip firmly holds several bills, and each pocket in the wallet is protected by RFID-blocking materials to prevent personal credit card information from being stolen.

Bombing Science

The replica DIY Small Water Tower Model Kit. Like its Medium & Large siblings (yes, they’re related), the Small is made in NYC from chipboard — a 100% recycled material* — so it’s got attitude, all while being respectful of Mother Nature.


Stylish & fresh – the 3D whole car for at home! Robust high quality “Made in Germany”! 

LVL Shave Co

LVL Shave Co

A very easy to use razor for men to be able to shave the back of their necks on their own between haircuts, without using a second mirror or the help of a friend or significant other. 



Its adapter friendly design is perfect for placement on top of a desk or a conference room table, providing easy access to multiple power outlets. The dual USB charging ports provide 2.1A charging for power-hungry USB powered devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or portable music players.

Designated Dog

That’s right, the original dogs behind the wheel featured on adorable gifts for dog lovers is back! Designated Dog was started in 2014 and created super comfy apparel featuring our driving K9s. The project is now back this holiday season with puzzles, games, mugs, and more for dog lovers. A portion of all profits is donated to great K9 organizations. We hope you will consider featuring Designated Dog in your Gift Guide this year!

Personalized Pocket Knife and Wallet

Every guy like’s a little muscle in the palm of their hand, treat them to a custom engraved pocket knife that pleases.

This engraved minimalist wallet is made of high-quality aluminum and stores 1 to 12 cards without bending. Additionally, it has a secure exterior clip for bills

Embroidered Cooler Bag

This cooler can hold up to 12 bottles, or 18 cans. It features both a top padded carry handle, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap, with a front pocket for storage. 

Smack some personalization and there you have it, maybe the world’s most awesome porta fridge. Keeps cold and hot! 

This is perfect for the fisherman! 


On the rocks print

There is only one thing better than the sights and sounds of a drink being poured over ice, the taste of the deliciousness hitting your tongue.

Print Size: 8 x 10 inches. Printed on premium archival fine art paper for a high quality print that prevents sun damage.

Nancy Murphy, Painter

Full Spectrum CBD Milk Chocolate Bar

HempVille CBD

150 mg of CBD per bar of Chocolate. 12.5mg of CBD per piece of Chocolate. Serving 1-2 pieces



Green Goddess Supply

For the musician or soulful friend, the Deluxe Saxophone Pipe – a memorable and fun gift.   Included are rubber mouthpiece and realistic molded keys.

It may be classified as “novelty” item, but don’t be mistaken — it’s a fully functional pipe. The pipe is even made out of zinc which keeps it cooler than other materials like aluminum and steel.

Ships with a pack of 5 free metal screens, so you get all the smoke and none of the ash.

This is music to the lungs.

Elon Starter Kit

E1011 Labs

An easy to use, self-contained hemp flower system designed to be the most convenient way to get the benefits of the whole flower experience without the hassle.

It is formulated for high-bioavailability to get from stress to calm in less than ten minutes.

The premium strains of CBD-rich hemp flowers and blend them with scientifically validated terpenes to deliver optimal wellness. The Stems are pure, potent, and all natural.


Gadget Guard

Gadget Guard has a new phone case that blocks up to 96 percent of RF radiation that’s emitted from your phones. This case meets a big demand after recent reports showing cellphones are giving off more radiation than what the government considers to be safe. You can see more info about it here

A cellphone case that provides protection from radiation from your phone; and cleans devices from germs, bacteria and viruses, a critical need during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

TechClean, 100% plant-based wipes moistened with laureth sulfate—a soap that allows you to clean you phone without causing water damage

Drift Car Air Freshener Subscription

Drift Car Air Freshener Subscription

Drift is the new way to keep your vehicle smelling fresh with a monthly subscription of air fresheners that seamlessly clip to the car visor. Drift is delivered to your doorstep each month, to keep your scents smelling fresh. The wood visor clip air freshener is made in the USA from sustainably sourced cedarwood. It is soaked in essential and fragrance oil to deliver real scents free of harmful chemicals and magnetized to fit perfectly on your visor with a metal clip. 

Wave Glyder

Wave Glyder

Wave Glyder was invented in Sunny South Florida by a barber looking to reinvent your hair’s smoothness and accentuate your wave pattern. This handheld men’s styling tool tackles stubborn hairs and helps you to effectively apply product to your hair at the same time. This novel tool smoothes hair in a hassle-free way and accepts additional oils and moisturizing products at the same time so men can achieve the healthy, frizz-free shine they’re looking for. Do note that it doesn’t replace your need for brushing.

Price: $25.99

AudreyJames Company

AudreyJames Company

This ultra-moisturizing shave trio hydrates skin as it softens stubble for a clean soothing shave that leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.  

Gift Set:

– Beard Oil conditions and protects sensitive skin from harsh weather. Use after a smooth shave.

– Rhassoul Aloe Shave Bar

– Beeswax Beard Balm is ultra-light providing immediate relief while nourishing freshly shaved skin all day long. 


Emerging Green

Home Exercise Kit, It comes with a comprehensive set of exercise kits for you to work out safely at home. This can be handy during this season of feasting, plus we know how important it is to look good! Each set comes with an Ab roller, kneeling mat, resistance band, jump rope and push up bar.

Emerging Green

 Does your man have a soft spot for animals and birds? If yes, this is the perfect gift for you. It’s eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and highly suitable for a wide variety of birds. What can be more lovely than giving our little friend a shelter during the fall?

Wild Willies

As the fastest growing men’s grooming brand in America, Wild Willies is authentically a manly brand passionate about providing products that promote stronger, healthier, and better-looking hair and skin while encouraging every man to tell his personal story through his own unique style. And don’t just take their word for it. Even Willie Robertson (of Duck Dynasty fame) is a bearded believer, as well as the brand’s newest spokesperson. Willie is a believer that the way a man takes care of himself on the outside shows the world a lot about who he is on the inside. Fuel your Passion | Fuel your Beard


The process of adding air to wine speeds up the aging process, unlocking flavors and aromas. WINEWISK™ is eliminating the wait with a new product. The aerator is designed to attach to the rim of your glass instead. Swirl the wine, make bubbles, and release the wine’s full potential.

Emerging Green

 Does your man have a soft spot for animals and birds? If yes, this is the perfect gift for you. It’s eco-friendly, easy to maintain, and highly suitable for a wide variety of birds. What can be more lovely than giving our little friend a shelter during the fall?

For Pet



KONG Box delivers a monthly subscription box filled with toys, training tools, and treats specially curated for your dog. KONG Boxes are paw-picked and uniquely curated for all dog sizes and ages.

Brutus Broth

Brutus Broth is the latest innovation in pet health. Brutus Broth’s products are made with
human-grade bone broth that has been specially formulated to enhance any dog’s existing
diet by adding beneficial nutrients, amino acids, and joint protecting supplements.

KONG® x Rover Fun Together Box

BEST BOX EVER! It features toys and treats from KONG for your dog and some fun human goodies too
  • KONG Classic (sizes vary)
  • KONG Floppy Knots Fox 
  • KONG Bites Beef
  • KONG Easy Treat™ Peanut Butter
  • Rover travel hand sanitizer with carabiner 
  • Rover ‘Play All Day’ dog bandana
  • Rover ‘Eat. Sleep. Play With Dog’ key chain
  • Rover coloring sheet and colored pencils

Native Pet Products

Make sure to use KTOT20 for 20% off all purchases!!

YAK CHEWS- the hard chews provide hours of active chewing, which promotes oral hygiene by reducing tartar build up

SAVORY ORGANIC BONE BROTH-delivers on the nutritional benefits of a homemade broth in a convenient powder form and is used to re-hydrate dry food, or as a simple, nourishing drink.

ORGANIC AIR-DRIED PUMPKIN-Stop wasting cans of pumpkin, and start using our organic pumpkin powder for a puree that’s too good to pass up!

The Anxious Pet is a wellness brand that aims to relieve anxiety, pain and discomfort in pets – and the worry that pet parents feel as a result

The CBD Calming Kit

  • CBD Oil 800mg
  • Relax & Roll CBD Soft Chew – 60 count
  • Relax & Roll CBD Bar (2)



Our dogs have stuck by our side through thick and thin this year. That’s why we’ve taken great care to curate a one-of-kind holiday shop filled with gifts to help you celebrate your amazing pet the way they deserve, whether they’re on the naughty or nice list. They opened the holiday shop a bit sooner this season and encourage you to shop early so the special gift you want will be in stock.

Toothbrush Toy Stick

Toothbrush Toy Stick

Perfect gift for a dog. Dental care set which includes dog toothbrush – chewing toy and beef-flavored toothpaste. They are made of the highest quality ingredients as natural as possible.

Experience the magic of working with your dog for five minutes a day, through this self-guided video e-course. Whether you’re new to training or more advanced, this is an opportunity to find joy through connection.

For three weeks we’ve got you covered with a mix of fun and old school virtual camp activities for you to ruff it with us at home. Live it up by carving out time to bond with your dog through fun training games

 Treats painful cracked, rough or dry paws and nails naturally, keeping them nourished, resilient and conditioned year-round.

Plus, it protects from future harm caused by a lack of moisture, toxins, allergies, licking, and walking on rough or extreme temperature surfaces. It keeps paws from losing their suppleness, keeping them soft and free from painful chafing and injury.

 It can help prevent damage to the paws.
* It will help soothe and heal sore, damaged, flaky, or cracked paws.
* Keep your dog’s paw moisturized and protected by creating a barrier against water, salt, ice, and other extreme weather conditions.
* Reduce allergic reactions & irritation from seasonal and environmental allergens.
* The natural ingredients make the product lick safe. It will not harm your dog if ingested.
* Non-greasy formula soaks in within minutes.
* Tamper-resistant packaging.
Rapid results! Noticeable change within the first application. 
Hemp chews for dogs

This delicious, chicken-flavored hemp chews can give your pup a natural way to get relief

The chicken flavored dog chews are made with premium ingredients: flaxseed, chicken liver, sweet potato, grapeseed oil (for healthy skin and coat), and more!

One chew delivers 5mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, and each bottle comes with 60 chews (300mg total). roughly a 60-day supply.

Floss for Dogs- Yummy Comb

The Yummy Combs® honeycomb-like shape is specifically designed to floss dogs’ teeth and gently clean to the gum line. Its width prevents dogs from gulping it down in one bite and encourages them to chew longer. Its hardness helps scrape and clean your dog’s teeth. The treat completely surrounds his or her teeth for a deeper, more complete clean. The thin-walled shape hastens solubility and speeds digestion plus preserves volatile ingredients. 

My Harley LOVES them 

Give the Gift of Releaf this holiday season with Pet Releaf CBD-infused Edibites. Edibites contain no fillers and no chemical preservatives.  Flavors include Peanut Butter & Banana, Blueberry & Cranberry, and Pizza

Moo Dog Chews are made with Milk & Apple Cider Vinegar only. 

They buy both Milk & Apple Cider Vinegar locally in Colorado. They hand-make and hand-cut every piece of chew so every piece of Moo Dog Chews is unique.

Lasts long too! Different sizes. 


Ohm, Only Healing Minerals

Like ancient practitioners, Ohm uses the theory of Mineral Medicine for animals. We reduce pure crystal minerals to powder, formulate a balanced solution to create healing products. Using the natural vibration of minerals, our formulas pulse the body’s organs, their meridians and the nervous system into balance, providing animals a transdermal option of healing minerals.  

Snuggle Puppy

The Snuggle Puppy celebrated its 22nd birthday in November, and since being created has helped hundreds of thousands of dogs with anxiety. The Snuggle Puppy is an all-natural solution for pet anxiety, whether that be transitioning to a new home, crate training, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, and more. It soothes pets by mimicking maternal intimacy through a “real-feel” pulsing heartbeat and physical warmth. Beyond helping animals, the Snuggle Puppy adds the value of a good night’s sleep for many new puppy owners. All of this makes it a perfect gift, especially for new pet owners! 

Kitty Poo Club

Kitty Poo Club delivers a chic, biodegradable litter box to your door every month pre-filled with odor-free mineral-based litter. Out with the old and in with the new. No-fuss…just recycle your old box when the new one arrives and easily manage the litter type to your cat’s liking. Choose from litters: silica, fine-grain silica, organic soy, or clay. It is leak-proof, eco-friendly and built to last.


Pet owners love their animals, but no one loves the fur they leave behind! Get rid of that fluff on your stuff with FurZapper, an easy solution to removing pet hair from blankets, clothes, pet bedding and more.  Just toss it into the washer and dryer with your laundry and let it work its magic. This tacky, flexible disc is just sticky enough to gently collect and pull fur, hair, dust and debris from items as they tumble through the cycles. It’s non-toxic, re-usable, hypoallergenic and 100% made in the USA.  FurZapper is also one of the Top Ten Lint Removers on Amazon

Crown and Paw

Give your favorite pet lover a gift with a little bow-wow factor!  Crown and Paw pet portraits create one of a kind, eye popping (and amusing) pieces of art, perfect for gift giving.

Crown and Paw curates authentic 19th century portraits and rare Renaissance era oil paintings and digitally combines them with your pet photo, creating a fun-loving custom work of art.

Simply choose a costume, upload a photo and a talented team of artists will do the rest to capture your pet’s individual characteristics and facial features to express their unique personality. 


Walkee Paws are a stylish way to keep your dog’s paws clean and protected year round, shielding them from the elements and preventing the many germs, chemicals, and allergens they pick up from irritating their skin or entering your home. The leggings are crafted with soft, stretchy material, making them comfortable and durable.  They also utilize four-way stretch fabric and waterproof rubber soles in their design.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Equi-Clean horse grooming wipes are designed with an enhanced formula made with natural herbs – Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender and Thyme. 

Designed to reduce cleaning time, these are perfect for all your favorite animals – horses, dogs and cats – even those with sensitive skin.

Stocking Stuffers

Swick | Blackout - Tifosi Optics

Sporting a fit made for those who take full advantage of life, Swick is vying to be your part of your adventure. This model has photochromic lenses with a tint that becomes darker as the day becomes brighter. Rx Available

Fototec is Tifosi’s photochromic technology, designed to effortlessly change tints as you move through different lighting conditions. Each lens has a variable tint with particles that interact with light when it hits the lens. The brighter the sun, the darker the tint.

Fall head over heels for Swoon, Tifosi Optics’ newest Swank Series member. This athleisure sunglass gives you style and function. Swoon’s graceful design delivers beauty but is built to play hard! 

Tifosi’s Swank Series combines a lifestyle frame with a vibrant color palette that has many of the same technical features found in our sport sunglasses.

Gaming Glasses

These Swank are equipped with lenses able to reduce the blue light exposure that causes eye strain and fatigue after extended screen time. Try on a pair and play that all-nighter with confidence.

These can be customized for the same price as a prebuilt model. They make for a fun, useful, and personalized gift!

Perfect gift for the gamer!


semi-precious stone bead bracelets, each one made by hand using both recycled cord and packaging. The design of eachof the ten styles (the large majority are unisex) is inspired by a different tree. Every bracelet purchased enables a new tree to be planted! 1 Bracelet = 1 Tree Planted!

Semi-precious stone bead bracelets, recycled cord and packaging. Each design is inspired by a different tree.   1 Bracelet = 1 Tree Planted!  They are committed to planting 125,000 trees in year one.  Planting trees helps to combat Global Warming, cleanse our air/water and preserve wildlife habitats. 

Gadget Guard

The Gadget Guard alara phone case blocks more than 50 percent of RF radiation that’s emitted from our phones. This case meets a big demand after recent reports show that cell phones give off more radiation than what the government considers to be safe. The alara slim case can handle a 4-foot fall and the rugged case withstands a 10-foot drop. 50% off site-wide: Use Code; Cyber50. From 11/23-12/3

Copper Clean

Attach the Copper Clean™ Antimicrobial Phone Patch to the back of your phone to continually neutralize 99.9% of harmful microorganisms*. Use This code KELLY10 for 10% off your order.

Crayola™ Mask Packs

SchoolMaskPack, a non-medical mask retailer, launched a five-day mask system with Crayola this summer and quickly became a top pick among parents and teachers, especially as face masks became the essential back-to-school item this year.  Thoughtfully designed by a joint “mask force” of former educators, parents and designers as an all-in-one solution, one mask pack with different styles for each day of the week can keep someone covered for up to 8 months.. A go-to gift this year that everyone could use more of.


Crayola Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Dive into the sanitizing magic of Crayola. Enjoy keeping your hands clean with a colorful, unscented gel. Crayola is now offering a way to keep your art-loving hands clean and moisturized. Each bottle comes with a colored gel. Be delighted by goldenrod yellow, appreciate the forest green, smile at razzmatazz red, and get wowed by blue bell.


These lovable creatures are more than just toys – they are comforting friends for those who need a little extra love, joy, and laughter!


Stylish Comforband headbands take the stress off the ears, keeps the mask in the proper position, and makes wearing it more comfortable. 

Perfect for school, work, exercise, running errands, or just being out and about 

  • Makes a stylish and functional stocking stuffer 
  • Sweat and slip-resistant, available in amazing colors and styles 
  • True to our original mission of “stronger together,” Comforband makes a donation with every purchase 
  • Winner of 2020 Accessories Council Design Excellence award for PPE 



Working together, the brush, Magik Connector and free Colgate Magik app can help your child learn good brushing habits to bring out their best smile.

More than just a product purchase!  We’re partnering with Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® to donate a toothbrush to a child in need for every Magik brush sold.

Wind Passion

Wind Passion

A versatile gift to friend, spouse, colleague, relative, parent, sibling etc. Unique marine style handmade unisex accessories. Bracelets, anklets, key chains made from yachting ropes are in minimalistic and attractive design and will suit any lifestyle and any style because of its clean design.

Grate Grill Scraper

Grate Grill Scraper
  • Safer Than A Wire Brush – While barbecue cleaning brushes can Lose Their Bristles (which can be swallowed), our bristle-free grate cleaner Eliminates This Safety Hazard for your complete peace of mind.
  • Works With Most Grill – includes 3 round grooves – from 1/16″ (size of a BB) up to 3/8″ (size of a Bic pen) and 1 V-shaped groove for narrow, pointed grates – grates must be spaced at least 1/2” apart
  • Won’t Damage Your Grill – Made of Solid Brass, which makes these heavy-duty bar-b-que tools outlast wood cleaners. At the same time, it’s 100% Safe To Use use on Porcelain and Teflon coated grill grates.
  • Versatile – Its Compact Size Lets you stash this barbque scraper anywhere, for use on Cold grills. Pair it with our Optional Long Handle to clean Hot grills and get leverage for stubborn grime
  • Easy to Clean – Dishwasher Safe, you can even just use soapy water to clean, and dry with a paper towel.

Healthy Key Brass Door Opener

  • STAY GERM-FREE with THE HEALTHY KEY – Avoid touching dirty surfaces – Doors (Push, Pull, Sliding, Cooler), Buttons (ATM, Elevator, Gas Pump, CC Reader), Shopping Carts, even certain Touchscreens!
  • TIRED OF CONSTANTLY CLEANING YOUR HANDS? – Now you don’t need to! Our brass door opener touches all of the germ-infested surfaces so your hands don’t need to. No need for constant hand cleaning!
  • KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE! – Don’t worry about bringing germs home to your family. Our keychain touch tool prevents you from touching any dirty surfaces so you won’t spread anything to your loved ones!
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE – Its COMPACT SIZE lets you stash this clean key in your keychain, pocket, or glove box. Take it out in the grocery, or even when just taking money from the ATM. Ensure you use the full thickness for best results on touchscreens.

Original Poop Knife

Original Poop Knife

Give the gift of laughter this Holiday Season. Original Poop Knife will slay the most savage sewer snakes and chop the fattest heaved Havanas. Be a samurai of the porcelain poo poo platter and the hero of your next Holiday gift exchange with Original Poop Knife.

ECO Therapy
Why make a ritual of something that your body won’t absorb?  ECO Therapy mints use state of the art Nanotechnology, shrinking CBD particles so your body can actually use and benefit from more of the hemp plant’s magic.  This process makes each use more effective, for those days when every little bit counts.  
ECO Therapy’s 100% natural CBD, terpenes, essential oil and vitamin blends are formulated with true wellness in mind and are crafted to meet the unique needs of personal relaxation, energy and sleep to help you feel your best. 

Tres Colori

Tres Colori,

 Tres Colori, creator of customized jewelry, ideal for women, kids and men! 

Tres Colori means “Three Colors” in Italian, so the company is focused on producing high quality, affordable, customized jewelry in three colors: silver, gold and rose gold. 

From necklaces to rings, earrings, bracelets and engraved jewelry, there is bound to be the perfect gift for the special person in your life!

Phone Loops

The minimal phone grip that fits any case!

  • Secure, relaxed, one-handed phone grip
  • Helps avoid accidental drops
  • Allows edge-to-edge thumb travel
  • Compatible with any phone case*
  • Compatible with wireless chargers
  • Compatible with magnetic accessories
  • Compatible with Apple MagSafe®
  • Made from 0.8 mm thick soft fabric**
  • Strong 3M adhesive leaves no traces
  • Easily install through case openings

SNAP Clean Hands

SNAP is a luxury hand sanitizer that we created after our own struggles of applying hand sanitizer on the go with the gel. SNAP Clean Hands is easy to use, easy to apply and smells great to make all on the go experiences much easier and cleaner at the same time.
· Unlike other sanitizers, SNAP has a cartridge system. You purchase the easy-to-use applicator that is a SPRAY, not a gel and then easily change out various different scents.

· To apply, you twist the bottle and with one SNAP, your hands are clean and good to go.

· The ingredients in SNAP clean hands are paraben-free, SLS free with no artificial dyes and 75% alcohol to ensure 99.9% of germs are eliminated. We have also added in aloe and vitamin E as moisturizing elements.

Staedtler® FIMO® Leather-Effect Oven-Bake Modelling Clay

STAEDTLER-Mars North America, one the world’s leading manufacturers of creative products, recently launched an exciting new addition to the FIMO clay family in the USA called Leather-Effect, which can be used to produce crafts that look and feel similar to leather.


With 12 colors, FIMO Leather-Effect is available in block form retailing $3.49 USD per block but also in DIY sets that are perfect as a stocking stuffer or a fun activity to do on a weekend. The DIY sets can be used to create tassels to bookmarks and retail for $11.99 USD each.

Receptra Naturals CBD

Receptra Naturals CBD

Receptra’s CBD Pain Relief Set combines two of our best selling products to naturally provide faster recovery and less discomfort. The powerful combination of our Serious Relief 33 + turmeric tincture and Serious Relief Targeted Topical™ Stick can help to keep you moving forward; from the inside out and outside in.

Kingston Nucleum

7 ports of potential from one USB-C connection – Ports include: USB-C (power input), USB-C (data), HDMI, USB-A (x2), SD, MicroSD
Add more pixels using the 4K HDMI output
Power delivery pass through to charge your connected device
Small and light, makes it easy to take with you
Designed for content creators with the included SD and microSD slots.



Every Cozy Noze has the unique, patent-pending, design element that forms around the nose. The soft trim stays in place and blocks the warm air from escaping up to the eyeglasses.

Clean Access Key

Clean Access Keys were made to combat the spread by reducing the number of infected surfaces we touch every day such as –

  1. The Buttons at the pumps at gas stations.
  2. The most common of all; Bathroom door handles!
  3. Public ATMs & Touchscreens.
SafeSleeve Phone Cases

SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation phone cases. 

An RFID-blocking wallet to keep your personal information safe from hackers. A certified military-grade protective case A  built-in adjustable stand for hands-free viewing and video conferencing. Shield that blocks over 99% of potentially dangerous RF and 92% of ELF electromagnetic radiation. A detachable, magnetic backing lets you take advantage of the radiation protection

A tulsi tea bundle to warm up the holidays! Great 

Tulsi Cinnamon Rose

Tulsi, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Rose petals create a delicate, harmonious blend to inspire

Tulsi Sleep

Stress relieving Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola and Tulsi blend with relaxing Chamomile, and Cardamom to support restful sleep.

Tulsi Masala Chai

Traditional Indian spices, premium Assam black tea and Tulsi blend to offer an exotic and delicious daily awakening.


Sapadilla is a brand that originated in Vancouver and remains dedicated to making eco-friendly cleaning products, hand soaps, and laundry detergents. 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND POWER!

Salonpas® line of topical OTC pain relief products

A great way to keep family and friends safely free from pain is to include the Salonpas® line of topical OTC pain relief products in their stocking stuffers this year. 

Helps with:

  • Arthritis Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Sprains, Strains &
  • Bruises
Chill wellness

Performance is key to a healthy active lifestyle.

This Active Recovery Bundle can help you feel better and recover faster with cool, soothing relief.  Feed your muscles and joints the relief they crave after a workout, biking, running or playing sports.  Taken together, Mellow Mint Drops and Sport Muscle Recovery Balm can help reduce soreness and improve recovery, leaving you ready to do what you love all over again.


Sleep™ capsules are a blend of botanicals, GABA, helpful and Biblical herbs, along with full-spectrum, organic and single-step sourced hemp, designed to help promote restful sleep. Poor sleep is a contributor to restless nights, tired days, lack of ability to focus, and various health concerns. Give your body the rest that it requires to live optimally.


Little Justice Leaders

Our subscription box is the perfect unique gift for moms and dads! The box provides resources to learn about a different issue of social justice each month. You can purchase a single box with a specific theme (for instance, anti-racism, gender identity, or voting rights), or a monthly subscription. This is a great gift for socially conscious families who want fun, age-appropriate resources to engage in meaningful topics about making a positive impact on the world. 

Califina/ Magic

Magic is a vegan, plant-based pre-workout drink mix. It’s the healthier way to give your mind and body a boost, whether you want to have the best possible workout or take on a busy day. One serving does the trick!

L’Duex Jewelry

L’Duex Jewelry

L’Duex, launched by fashion designer and stylist Vickie Adamson, is a collection of elegant, inspiring, and beautifully designed jewelry that doubles as hair accessories – and the first of its kind. Our designs are inspired by our love of nature’s elements, colors and textures. These stunning pieces are gorgeous bracelets for women that can also be used as a hair tie. Now you can replace those unattractive hair bands on your wrist with L’Duex bracelets. It also makes the most delightful gift, since it’s like giving two gifts in one!

Tru Earth Eco Strip

Tru Earth Eco Strip

Tru Earth Eco Strip is environmentally friendly and lightly packaged. It is very convenient to carry even if you travel or on staycation, perfect for a holiday gift guide!
Each laundry strip packs ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning power into a tiny, pre-measured strip of liquid-less laundry detergent that you just toss in the wash. Its low-sudsing formula works in all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency (HE) and hand washing!
The smart formulation effectively seeks out and dislodges dirt molecules and stains, keeping them in suspension until they are rinsed away. It makes your laundry washing chore easier, healthier, more economical, and much kinder to our planet.
Clean, green, and simple!

Oh My Paw'd

Oh My Paw'd

Watercolor Portrait Dog Ornament – complete with a beautiful rendition of your pet right from their photo – would make a wonderful addition for any articles you are planning for “The Best Gifts For Dog Owners” this holiday season.

Discovery Putty

Play hide-and-seek with therapy putty! Discovery Putty is a playful way to strengthen hands and improve fine motor planning. Stretch, mold, and pull the putty until you find all the hidden objects–and then hide the pieces all over again! Collect all four themes, each with its own color and level of resistance.

Roll On Cooling Muscle Gel

Need a gift for someone who is always in pain. 

This soothing magic stick provides that instant sigh of relief with lasting healing powers. With a powerful dose of broad spectrum hemp and a squad of cooling natural plants, your body will thank you

CatSpring Yaupon

Catspring Yaupon

This Tea sustainable and wild-harvested in a small town of Cat Spring, Texas. 

What’s Yaupon?

Yaupon is the only caffeinated plant native to North America.  While virtually all other tea and coffee is imported into the US.

Perfect for the coffee lover! 

If you are unfamiliar with yaupon, it is anti-inflammatory, naturally cleansing and the antioxidants are comparable to blueberries. You can read more about the benefits.

Body Glide

Perfect for runners and cyclists of all levels, Body Glide products help prevent rubbing that causes irritation, rash, chafing, blisters, and raw skin. While they’re non-oily, invisible, and blend into your skin, they stand up to sweat, humidity, and water.

Ice Ball

Ice Ball is a bounce ball filled with liquid glitter that has the ability to bounce and roll. As the ball bounces the liquid color filling flows in patterns for a fun shine effect. Kess’ Ice Ball is available in six sparkling colors:  Green, Teal, Pink, Gold, Blue and Purple. Perfect for active & outdoor play to get the kids moving!

Ice Hopper

Ice Hopper is a glitter-filled take on a classic toy. As the Ice Hopper spins around, it sparkles with liquid glitter providing for colorful play with a fun shine effect. Kess’ Ice Hopper is available in four dazzling colors at retailers nationwide. Ideal gift for children 6+

Spooky Ball

Spooky Ball is a bounce ball filled with creepy crawlers inside that has the ability to bounce, throw and roll! As the ball bounces the creepy spiders go crawling for a fun play pattern. Great for lovers of all things eerie. 

Muscle MX

Perfect for those in constant motion, these pre- and post-activity balms are crafted with broad-spectrum CBD (THC-Free) and other natural ingredients that can be easily applied to effectively and easily ease everyday muscle and joint pain and discomfort. 

Rykr Roll Handheld Massage Roller

This portable and convenient self-massage roller is designed for people of all activity levels to easily apply acupressure and massage to the muscles, promoting better oxygen flow and blood circulation to achieve optimal pain and tension relief.

Expression Photo XP-8600

Aiding crafters and students, the XP-8600 is ideal for all at-home DIY needs – whether creating custom cards, coloring pages, personalized stationery, photos, or art projects. Designed for vibrant, versatile printing, this small-in-one delivers speed and quality in a sleek, compact design. The XP-8600 offers easy printing with the Epson Creative Print mobile app and compatibility with smartphones and tablets. For added convenience, users can print hands-free using the printer’s voice-activated printing with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.