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Travel Bag for Little Girls~ HipCity Sak #ktotgiftguide

Travel Bag for Little Girls~ HipCity SakHipCity Sak was created by a mom for her little girl!  When they would travel the mom usually ended up carrying everything the little girl had so she had to figure out a solution, she then created a hands-free bag for her daughter.  I've been there, and I understand. Creating a purse that goes around the waist and not on the shoulder is GENIUS!  Kids tend to leave things just about everywhere, and I've lost a couple purses/bags while traveling because I'm always carrying too much.  Usually, when my daughter wore a bag to the airport I usually ended up carrying it because she didn't want bothered her!  Now having a hands-free bag has given her a bit more independance too- she gets to pick what goes in her purse, and that is it! This bag keeps her hands free, and she hasn't lost anything lately! 

HipCity is dedicated to empowering and inspiring little girls. These bags are for girls 4+. The HipCity Sak retails for $29.99 and includes the belt.  Now they also have accessories just in case she doesn't want to wear the purse she can put cute stars on ($8.99) on the snaps.  Just snap them on and off!     

The little bag is:

  • Fun:  All bags and accessories ( like our mermaid) snap onto the belt. Girls love to collect them and trade them with their friends.
  • Fashionable: The colors, designs and material ( soft faux leather) are perfect for young girls.
  • USEFUL: The hands-free aspect makes it easy for the girls to remain active ( walk, bike, rollerblade) and still manage their items because the bag is attached to their bodies. Perfect for holding stuffed animals, snacks, iPod or iPhone, small sketch pad/pencil, toys, etc. 

This would make a great gift for any girl! This bag can be useful in any situation.  We went on a walk the other day, and my daughter put on her bag and then added her change, phone, and Carmex. Usually, I have to bring my purse so I can carry her stuff too, this time, I left my purse at home and enjoyed my walk without holding on to anything. 

Please visit HipCity Sak to see everything they offer then follow on Twitter-Pinterest-Instagram 



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Wednesday 16th of December 2015

What a great bag and great idea! Pity I only have two boys!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.