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High-Quality Printer Paper You Can Count On

This post is sponsored by Boise Paper to create this content based on my own opinion.

The office life is a life that’s going to be stressful for several reasons, but sometimes it can be different reasons depending on the individual. That’s beside the point, though, so what do you usually do in the office? Meetings, computer work, and lots of printing. Every day you are going to have to print important documents or simply make copies of things. The real question is, are you getting the best out of your copy paper. Well, I have information on a great selection when it comes to copying paper. This could be exactly what you need in order to make your copying experience better. So check out the information on the product selection I have for you below.

Bringing You Boise Paper X-9® Multi-use Copy Paper

High-Quality Printer Paper You Can Count On

It’s time you got the right copy paper perfect for any job. What you need is a package for Boise Paper X-9® Multi-use Copy Paper. This paper is exactly what you need for your day-to-day printing needs. Boise paper is dedicated to giving you a product that is best in quality, versatility, and consistency.

Boise paper is an incredible product that can handle conditions that other brands can’t. For instance, their paper won’t yellow or fade over long periods of time because it’s acid-free. That’s just a peek at what it’s capable of, other key features of Boise Paper X-9® Multi-use Copy Paper include:

High-Quality Printer Paper You Can Count On

  • 104 (Euro)/92 (US) brightness for vivid text and images.
  • 20-lb paper is ideal for every day. 
  • 500 sheets per ream. 
  • Jam free feature helps prevent pages from getting stuck. 
  • Elemental chlorine free (ECF) paper.  This is an environmentally preferable bleaching method in which no chlorine or chlorine derivatives are used in the recycling process.
  • SFI Certified — Certified to meet SFI standards. 

The key benefits of 

  • Trusted results in all copiers and printers
  • Engineered for consistent performance and excellent run-ability
  • Exclusive American Red Cross partner with awareness campaigns on X-9 packaging

Choosing the right copy paper is one thing, but choosing the perfect copy paper is the way to go. With the paper products Boise, the things you print will be nothing but flawless. So check out the information on the product selection that I have for you above.

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