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Herb Scissors by Marky Products #MarkyProducts

When I cook I love to use a lot of gresh herbs, and cutting them can be a issue. Not anymore with these awwsome herb scissors, theres no issues with cutting these herbs. Professional quality kitchen scissors. Stainless steel doesn't rust with quality, polished finish. These are made by Marky products, and we love them. Ideal for Cutting and Chopping all varieties of herbs. Makes easy work of preparation. Cut, snip and shred a large variety of leafy produce and spices.

These scissors make the task so easy. Not only do I get 5 cut at once, all chopped pieces are uniform in size. In fact, the product was extremely simple and cut through a bunch of parsley in a few snips. The quality feels very nice, and there was even a cleaning comb included to get l Been eftover pieces out when you are done. Been using these when I make my sauce to cut, the herbs I add and I have to say this is better then chopping.

The blades are very sharp and they are very smooth to operate, and they feel good in my hand. These scissors are about to save you so much money and you haven’t even bought them yet. There will be no more buying those pre made herbs for me from now on. All fresh and we have so much fun using these scissors. Cleaning the scissors is really easy also. I soak them for a minute or so in hot soapy water and then wipe them off and spray them off with clean water.

So if your like me and love to cook and ise a lot of herbs, then these are awesome! Nice, heavy herb scissors that make the task of clipping or powdering your herbs so much easier, and saves you a ton of time. Try these out you will love them as much as I do.

Do you love using fresh herbs?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.