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Help Make A Scar Go Away



Having any kind of scar will make you feel insecure. Having one that everyone can notice and see makes it so much worse. Personally I know how this feels, I have an ugly scar right in the middle of my forehead. It would not be so bad if people couldn’t see it.


My sister has a bad one on her forehead, that she is very self conctious of. She did not get her scar from any accident it simply came from a pimple. It was during a stressful part of my life. My mother was in the hospital, and the outcome wasn’t good at all. During all this anxiety, she  literally just kept picking at the pimple, and it eventually became infected leaving her  with a scar and horrible memory with it.

In the beauty world, there are so many different products that claim to be able to make your scar disappear and/or become lighter. There is a product that I can definitely stand behind and it is Scar Away. It’s definitely different to many other creams or gels and here’s why:



Scar Away actually makes the appearance of the scar look different. The kit comes with Scar Away Repair Gel, Scar Away Silicone Daily Disc, and Scar Away Flex Long Sheets. Thats after shes has been using it for some time. 


Scar Away helps explain how it works:

“Accident, surgery, burn, scrape, C-section, acne – these events cause trauma to the skin, starting a “scar journey” that go something like this…

A wound becomes a scab, which protects the damaged skin underneath. More sooner than later (especially if kept clean and left alone), the scab will dry up and fall off, often leaving behind a scar. Scars are made from a “web” of fibrous tissue that replaces the damaged skin. Normal scars occur when there is balanced collagen formation during this “web” process. If there is an overproduction of collagen, abnormal scar production occurs, making scars more noticeable and uncomfortable.

 This is great she will  use this one daily morning and nite and the discs every couple of days, Noticing a big change in the way my scar looks and feels. Being able to hold my head high , and not worry about people looking at my scar has given her the confidence she was missing.

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