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Heaven is for Animals


Have you ever lost a pet? For some of us they are like family and when they pass on it is just as heart breaking as if one of human family members has passed away.

I know from experience how hard this is. It all started 15 years ago when me and my husband got together and were trying to have children. We were told that I would never have children and that was heart breaking in it own. I so desperately wanted a baby and it broke my heart every time one of my friends or my family would get pregnant. I went on like this for years and one day my wait was over.

Me and my husband had found out that my nephews dog a pitt bull was going to have puppies. Now even before I found out I could not have kids I have always loved animals and was excited about the thought of maybe being able to have a puppy. We waited for her to give birth and she finally did. I couldn’t wait to pick out my puppy. We went over and I sat in the floor and let the puppies come to me and none of them did. While I was sitting getting sad this little female brindle puppy waddled over to me and was biting my shoe. I picked her up and was looking at her and held her against my face and she licked my nose. So needless to say she was mine, she came home that day a little earlier than she should have but I got her everything she needed.

Ever since that first day she was by my side from day one till the day she passed away. Over the years we had it rough we struggled but she was always taken care of and pampered. I went out and bought her clothes and beds and any toy I could think of. She slept in my bed sat on my couch with me and eat what I eat. I know I know but she was my furbaby and I loved her so much. As the years went on she developed a hip disease that it hard for her to walk. I hated seeing her in that kind of pain and it broke my heart every time she had a bad day. I knew one day it would come to me having to have her put down.

Well to my surprise I got pregnant 11 years later . At this time felicity was 12 years old . Oh boy she knew something was different . She would lay with her head on my belly and feel my son move she was constantly sniffing my belly . We did a lot of bed and couch time together. Which was great because she was having more hip pain problems even in the summer. Well my son was born at 28 weeks and we spent 3 months back and forth at the hospital and home. She was always there to greet to me and to let me cry on her. My son came home July 4th which was a great day . The next month we took her to the vet because it was the middle of August and 100 degrees out and she was in pain and couldn’t go outside. Well they came in and told us that it was time. Now this is something I didn’t want to hear at all but I knew had to be done. We had her put to sleep and that day was horrible. I have always said that she did what she was supposed to . She was my baby till I had my baby.

Now with all that said it has been 4 years since she has been gone and I have wondered if she was in heaven. I have always thought that animals had spirits and that they went to heaven a pet heaven. But I always had this feeling in the back of my mind that she was just gone.

Well I got the book Heaven is for Animals. I started reading the book and I have come to the conclusion that animals go to heaven. In the book it explains how everything was created and goes more in depth on the issue. It gave me a great feeling and closure knowing that my best friend and furbaby went to heaven. I think it would also be good to explain to kids about your pet passing away and maybe help them understand .

If you’re looking for a good read and also in need of something to help you understand about your pet passing?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.