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Grind Your Way To The Freshest Cup Of Coffee #OrJoeCoffee

Freshly Ground Coffee In The Morning Is The Best


I’m the biggest coffee drinker I know!  I like all kinds but the best tasting coffee is when you grind it and use within a couple of minutes.  The flavor is amazing and so pure.  We always buy ground coffee so this was a big treat to get a manual grinder.  We love that you can grind up what you need or maybe think of the next day and keep it the cool clear glass basin.  A few factors to consider when purchasing a hand-mill are: size, weight, and capacity. Manual mills are suitable for a drip, espresso and even better for French Press. 


 Manual Coffee Grinder - OrJoeCoffee



  • The top side covered hopper holds up to 3/4 cup (6 oz.) of roasted coffee beans.
  • A full hopper takes about 3 minutes to hand crank a coarse grind that results in approx. 1 cup (8oz. or 226 grams) of coarse coffee grindings suitable for French Press style brewing of up to four 12oz. mugs of coffee.
  • Adjusting the grinding level from fine to medium or coarse is easy to achieve by turning the grind adjustment nut counter-clockwise (to the left) 4 or 5 times.The grind adjustment nut is at the top of the grinder (located just under the handle).
  • The ceramic conical burrs are designed to cut/grind clockwise.Always turn the crank handle clockwise (to the right) for proper grinding operation!
  • All parts can be washed (top rack dishwasher safe).
  • The metal parts are stainless steel and will not rust.
  • The clear glass basin provides easy viewing of freshly made grindings and has a handy screw on lid for storage.
  • Easy to turn hand crank handle can be removed for storage.

How it works:

  • Start with an empty grinder.
  • Remove the top portion of the grinder from the glass grinds container.
  • Remove the nut, crank, and locking bracket.
  • Flip the top of the grinder upside-down. The burrs are now touching completely. Hold the burrs in place while you flip the grinder right-side-up.
  • Loosely tighten the adjustment ring. Do not over-tighten – only go far enough to hold the burrs in place.
  • While holding the burrs in place, loosen the adjustment collar the appropriate number of notches for your brewing method.
    • SingleV60/Aeropress: 2
    • Drip cone: 3
    • Metal filter/clever 5
    • French press 7
  • Set the grind in place with the locking bracket, replace the crank and nut.


Probably the most important factor to consider is how will the mill will fit in your hand. Grinding on a hand-mill requires a sturdy grip, and you will want to maintain good leverage for the few minutes it will take to grind the beans. Consider a mill that you can comfortably grasp in your hand, or which you can leverage between your knees. This fit perfectly for my husband and myself.  Now we want to get a french press to get that “coffee” dream taste. 

OrJoe shared an awesome recipe for our readers:
Espresso Martini:

 • 50ml Grey Goose Vodka
• 35ml coffee liqueur
• 1 shot (25ml) of OrJoe Dark Roast Coffee (or other) espresso
• Ice, as desired

Put it all together in a Martini Glass and ENJOY! 

100% money back guarantee, so buy the OrJoe Coffee Grinder with confidence!

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