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Grab a Dessert that Satisfies with Nonni’s!


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Sweet Treat with a Satisfying crunch!

Nonni’s Biscotti has perfected the recipe for a perfect snack. It all started in Italy when Nonni (which is an endearing name for a grandma) made these treats. Biscotti stands for twice baked and you can taste all the love they put into them. Made with real butter, eggs and chocolate there is no other treat like them. They have been producing great biscotti in multiple flavors. Nonni’s makes biscotti in United States, Mexico and Canada and has been a name brand among their customers.

nonni biscotti

Biscotti is such a treat for me. I have always loved the sweet crunch and texture of biscotti. Every time I am at a coffee shop, I get a craving for a sweet bite to go along with my drink. What is it about coffee that just asks for a sweet treat to go along with it. Whatever it is, biscotti seems to be the answer. A perfect pair for an afternoon pick me up is a cup of coffee and some Nonni’s biscotti.

nonni biscotti

Not only is this biscotti a great treat for an afternoon snack, it is also great for your waistline too. At only 110 calories per stick, biscotti lets you have a sweet treat without being loaded with calories. A bar or bread from my local coffee shop can have up to 600 calories in it. I love to take some Nonni’s with me so I am not tempted to buy something with far more calories than taste. These delightful treats are so easy to stick in your purse for on the go. 

nonni biscotti

The flavor I was able to try was Turtle Pecan. There is nothing I don’t like that has the flavor of turtle or pecans. I am a huge fan of chocolate as well so when you put all of these together it creates the perfect blend of flavors for me. This turtle pecan biscotti is delicious. It has just enough nutty crunch that blends perfectly with the thin layer of chocolate on the bottom. I love to snack on these and I find myself hiding the box from everyone in the house. It is my afternoon treat that is just the pick me up I need to make it through to dinner. Low in calories and high on flavor this biscotti is wonderful. 

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