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got2b Helps You Create Artfully Undone Phenomenal Styles



Going back to school for girls can be extra stressful. They want the perfect clothes, perfect makeup and perfect hair. Mess-merizing spritz helps them create artfully undone styles that look mess-merizing! From defined texture to the tousled effect. Simply, spray evenly on damp hair or towel-dried hair, blow dry ( let dry naturally ) and tousle the hair all around. 

Let got2b Give You The Look You Want

Going back to school you want volume and shine. While you hold and spike your hair. Their products offer just the right styling product for everyone. Let them express their attitude with style.  Let them know that being different is ok and can be empowering to stand out. 

Core Essentials: 2 Sexy Voluptuous Volume Hairspray gives your hair a full but sexy hold. While you freeze your glamorous hairstyle in place for the day. 

Glued: Glued Styling Spiking Glue gives you screaming hold for your hair while keeping it water-resistant. With this glue you can enjoy your day at the pool or beach. Knowing that you hair will stay in place.

Kinkier: Kinkier Gloss ‘N Define Curling Mousse gives you those luxurious defined curls. It is so nice to know that when I spend all morning curling my hair. This mousse will keep them in place all day, while keeping your hair bouncy.

Mind blowing: Mind blowing Ionic+ Power express dry Styling Spray is a dream come true. Where has this amazing spray been my entire life? Reduces my time that I take to blow dry my hair in the mornings. While offering heat protection and detangling. While giving you the option to style your hair.

Phenomenal: PHENOMENAL Thickening Styling Cream helps enhance your hair’s thickness. Giving you fuller, thicker hair while giving you a natural sheen and hold.

Pomades: Defiant Define + Shine Pomade helps give your hair superior hold and shine. So you can spike your hair and it will stay in place all day.

Keep up with the Schwarzkopf and all of the newest products here: Website/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube

Keep up with the got2b and all of the newest products here: Facebook/Instagram

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