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Going Against GMOs The Definitive Guide To Understanding



There is a new movement going around. Me and my husband didn't completely understand what GMOs were until reading this book. Now we are educated and understand. The movement of avoiding unnatural genetically modified organisms ( GMOs ) hidden in our foods is growing. American and Canadians have been kept in the dark for such a long time that a lot still don't know about them. That is why I loved this book. I keep referring back to it when I have questions. It is a definitive guide to helping us understand genetically modified foods.

Going Against GMOs


They have packed this book so full of information. The top 10 reasons to stay away, the eat GMO-free challenge and non-GMO optimal health guidelines. Something that has been so helpful to us –  very detailed instructions on how to avoid them while we are shopping or eating out. In addition to over 45 easy to make, non-GMO and gluten-free recipes. And let me say they are very delicious and easy to make recipes. 

Now a little bit about the author Melissa Diane Smith. After she lost 30 pounds with diet and supplements. She went on to get more education in nutrition. She became even more of a believer while counseling clients. And listening to their stories of success of weight loss and health improvement. 

Melissa Diane Smith also coauthored a book on the health benefits of preventing and reversing insulin resistance. This is another book that we found very helpful and informative. My husband is type II diabetic and has found this book very helpful. We have been on a low carb diet but we have become more informed on refined carbs.  She is a firm believer that food is the best medicine. And wants to share her knowledge with us. Enjoy reading.

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