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Glossique Nail Deco Gets You Ready For Halloween



I love this new non-toxic and kid friendly nail wrap brand. Glossique offers you so many options. From spooky to sassy, their wraps are such a fun way to add some Halloween flare to your look. They come in regular or petite sizes – which means you and your little one can match all the time. While always being safe, fun and easy for the little one to use. No heating and chemical free. They are durable and simple to peel off with no damage to your nails. Me and my granddaughter have had so much with these. She really likes that we can have matching Halloween nails. We have Mamaw and Me day and do each other’s nails. It is great fun and priceless memories.


How To Apply

1. Push back cuticles on your unpolished nails.
2. Use alcohol or acetone to all of your fingernails. This is the MOST important step. Your nails HAVE to be free of oils.
3. Size the strips to your nail. Cut the strip off the card and then you will cut it in half ( this gives you the correct size for two nails.)
4. Peel from the card. Apply the round end to your nail, starting at the cuticle, then firmly press down the sides and towards the nail tip.
5. Trim any excess with manicure scissors.
6. If you decide to file your nails, file in a downward motion – not back and forth.

Glossique Wraps are designed to last up to two weeks on your fingers and four weeks on toes.



Gently peel from side to side – start at the cuticle and work up until completely removed.


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