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Getting Creative With Cool DIY Products

Let’s Get Creative

Art is Therapy collageDo you ever want to CREATE? I do all the time; I think being creative is my therapy. I feel so good doing it, and afterward, I feel accomplished.  Now I’m not saying my creations are perfect or worth anything, but I feel amazing.  Doing art is an uplifting experience that helps when I’m feeling down.  If you want to see if creating something uplifts your mood, then I want to share some products that can help with your creative side.


Painted a red stencil of LOVE on a shoe

With back to school in full swing right now, being able to create something for my daughter to wear to school was a lot of fun.  She wanted shoes to decorate for her cheerleading group.  Her school colors are blue and red, so she did one shoe in red and one in blue.  She painted the shoes herself, then added glitter.  We got the shoes from JUST1.SHOES and all the painting supplies.  We received the Functional Box which was filled with tape, paint, paint brushes, prime, and finishing.  Plus the box is super cool- it is a carrying case, workspace and shoe box- all in one.

Just 1 Shoes

What comes in the kit from Just 1 ShoesIn the kit it included step by step instructions that will help you create your own shoes, which I highly recommend for everyone- kids and adults.  I want some now for myself.  The ideas I wanted to paint on the shoes wasn’t what my daughter wanted, so I still want to get creative and create my own.  These shoes would make such an amazing gift for people who like to DIY and create their own look.  My husband is an airbrush artist and was eyeing them too.  Now one thing I wanted to say is these shoes are comfortable and durable. Not cheaply made at all.

Just 1 Shoes Instagram pictureWell worth the price and please check out options on Just1.Shoes. You can get just the shoes (kids and adults) and kits with everything you need to create your shoes.


Live Laugh Love StencilNow I can draw but I think using stencils help make items looks so much better!  The lines and designs are clear and painting them over and over but with different colors can be so much fun.  Stencils can be a bit costly, but the Stencil Revolution has high-quality stencils that are affordable. I want to see pictures of what you create with stencils! Share in the comments.

Stencil Revolution

If you are looking to do crafts, home decor, or any other creations Stencil Revolution has so many stencils to choose from for your project. I love stencils and so should you!  I have four stencils that I love and have used over and over.  Guess what…very durable stencils too.  I’m able to clean them off after painting and reuse over and over.

Collage of before and after painted stencils

The stencils are cut with a Co2 laser cutter on Mylar which is reusable and washable. Stencil Revolution started with graffiti and street art then the stencil artists expanded into having a full-service stencil shop.  Lucky for us.

Got Glitter?

If you do any crafts, you need GLITTER!  Who doesn’t like glitter? You can add sparkle to your projects that add that unique flair to it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have glitter in all kinds of colors so you can match it to your projects?  Well, look no further, Creativ’ Craft has a kit with 26 sparkling extra fine glitters, one glitter glue, one brush.  Everything to get creative.Creabow Crafts

Glitter Art Set

This set has everything you need to get going on projects that need that sparkle! The glitter is high-quality acid-free and non-toxic so great for kids too. The colors are so vivid and bright and guess what it all comes in a handy-dandy hard protective case. Creabow Crafts by Creativ’ Craft has this set on Amazon.  I also recommend getting their stencil kit…oh my goodness stencil heaven for cool projects for the kids.

Glitter Craft Set- all the colors

Think about all the Christmas ornaments, birthday parties, valentine’s cards – home decoration (glass, candle, mug, frame, gift wrap…) – kid’s activities (school project, slime, scrapbooking, phone cases) that you can make with glitter.  Plus don’t forget you can also glam up your body and nails; your imagination is the limit. Ideal art supply for all your projects. Check out the TUTORIALS– amazing project ideas.

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If you are a crafter and enjoy getting creative, then you need the above products.  I’m telling you it is so much fun to create.




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