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Getting Active with the ACTIVEON Video Camera

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Every family needs one of these cameras. We can’t wait to try out ours during the summer.  We have a trip coming up in Arizona and we will be doing some underwater videotaping. The ACTIVEON is capable of withstanding depths of up to 196 feet (60 meters).  Also in September we are going on a road trip to Southern California in a convertible mustang so can you just image the shots and videos we will be getting. Of course, I’ll be sharing! When I first opened it I was stunned on how small it was and how light.  My son explained action cameras need to be that small and light or else it won’t feel right.  I understand now after using it.  Yes, if you put on the head-strap and camera is on your forehead you don’t want it to be heavy! If you are looking for an inexpensive camera, a great alternative budget action camera is the Akaso Brave 4.

The ACTIVEON action camera has just increased our family memory opportunities.   Now we are not the EXTREME SPORTING family but we still like to have fun.  Here are some examples of how my family is going to utilize this cool camera system.

  • My husband is an artist and he wants to start his own video channel showing people how to airbrush.
  • My son is skateboarder and wants to make videos of him skating to share on YouTube.
  • My daughter wants to cook and do crafts and wants us to get the chest holder so she can video tape herself.
  • We will use it on the rides in Santa Cruz (or anywhere we go this summer with rides).
  • Make Mini videos with my daughter- she wants to start her own vlog.
  • I can actually do reviews now without holding the camera and the product.

Let’s discuss more about the camera~

Powerful Resolution: ACTIVEON DX is a premium model of ACTIVEON action camera. This latest ACTIVEON action camera supports video recording quality 1080p 60fps, 960p 60fps, 720p 120fps, and WVGA at 240fps. The highest quality of ACTIVEON DX image is provided from its 12MP pro-grade CMOS sensor.  Now I’m not sure what all those numbers mean but I’m sure its GOOD!

Richer Color and Stunning Color Reproduction ACTIVEON DX’s F/2.4 glass lens with 8 aspherical elements. See the quality of performances at any point of time. These feature allows you to increase perspective, capture anything you would like to shoot like a professional video. Basically this camera can make the normal everyday person until a cool photographer with even cooler pictures/videos!

Built-in LCD~ There are built in LCD as a viewfinder as well as built in Wi-Fi supported. No need to pay for an extra LCD package, view photos and videos, directly through the screen as a live stream.  Right there right then! Setting up the Wi-Fi was super easy my 11 yr old did is 2 minutes.  I couldn’t read the directions- bad eyes so she took over.

Longer Battery- ACTIVEON DX is powered by 1200 mah Li-ion battery which run the ACTIVEON up to 2 hours of continuous recording, enough duration for the most kind of outdoor activities. Wow, that is awesome because I know my old video camera usually dies after an hour and to have 2 hrs is fantastic.

Time Lapse Video-ACTIVEON camera has a mode called ‘Time Lapse Video’ recording a sequence of frames at set intervals of time.  All you have to do will be automatically done for you when you set a ‘Time Lapse Mode’- easy peasy!

Aqua Mode~ ACTIVEON has a unique function called the Aqua mode which adjusts the color changed under the water. Aqua mode is the best feature for underwater shooting. It compensates the red and reduces the blue, makes clear of colors in the water. This is my favorite part.  Some day I’m going to Hawaii just so I can video shoot underwater.  My daughter swims all the time so we will be using this mode a lot.

This is what you get with the camera system:

– Waterproof Housing(AA06A)
– Opened Backdoor
– Flat Adhesive Mount
– Curved Adhesive Mount
– Long Connector
– Short Connector
– 90° Pivot Connector
– Screws
– Rechargeable Battery(AA01A)
– Micro USB Cable

We also recommend getting the Head-Strap, Chest-Strap, and Mount (which we will be using on our road trip)

They have this really cool contest going on and I’m going to have my kids enter!  Every week they pick a winner for $2000. Make a creative video to record the outstanding moments in your life. Your video will be shared with ACTIVEON users worldwide, and also give you a chance to win a future-oriented TESLA vehicle!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.