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Get Swiggies™ for Their Stockings This Holiday Season

    All of us ladies here at Kelly’s Thoughts on Things are still working hard to compile items for our awesome holiday Gift Guide. Today I want to tell you about a neat idea for a stocking stuffer. Read on to learn more about Swiggies™.

Get Swiggies™ The Wrist Water Bottle

    Staying hydrated is important. Especially if you’re a very active person, or in a workout. But you can’t always stop what you’re doing to get a drink. (Or even if you’re a very busy person! Having a drink right on your wrist is super handy!) That’s where Swiggies™ The Wrist Water Bottle comes in! They were invented as an alternative to the fanny pack, and carrying water bottles while exercising.


Hands Free Hydration 

    That’s right! You wear Swiggies™ on you wrist! Each Swiggie™ for adults holds eleven ounces of water or sports drink. Kids Swiggies™ hold an even eight ounces. Simply fill your Swiggies™ with your beverage, close the cap, and strap to your wrist. (Make sure the cap faces your thumb.) The strap is adjustable so they’re one size fits all, (either adult or children.) You can even freeze your Swiggies™ so they stay cold longer and even lower your core body temperature as well!

    Perfect for running, hiking, walking, roller blading, or any activity that will make you thirsty! Swiggies™ would be perfect for outings too. Strap some on your kids at the fair, amusement park, the zoo, or more. That way, they’ll always have a drink handy! My son loves his. He even straps them to his bike when he doesn’t feel like wearing them on his wrist. They’re really that versatile. He’s already excited to pack them up and take them camping next spring. They’d make a great addition to your camping items!


Swiggies™ are safe!

    They’re made from the safest, FDA approved, food grade plastic. They’re BPA free as well! So no worry of using something made from unsafe plastic. You will be able to give them as a gift and know you’re giving something safe. 

Where to buy

    To get some Swiggies™ to fill those stockings, head to their website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.