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Get Your Stim on with Bouncy Bands®

   “Get Your Stim on with Bouncy Bands®!” 

    It’s that time of year and those of us here at Kelly’s Thoughts on Things are working on this season’s Holiday Gift Guide for you all. So, I was recently asked if I wanted to check these out and, of course, I said yes! I homeschool my son, and getting him to sit still and focus on me isn’t always easy. I don’t like to stop a stim, but sometimes I just need he one hundred percent focus. That’s where Bouncy Bands® come in. Now he can fidget and stim, and still have all four legs of his chair on the floor, and his hands are free for work because his feet are what are fidgeting!


     What’s great about these is you can easily install them on your kiddo’s or students chair, OR desk! Bouncy Bands® sent me both sizes so I put the smaller set on Liam’s desk, and the larger one on his desk. They were super easy to put together and install. Simply pull the plastic ends (support pipe) off of the rubber part, then slide the loop on each end of the rubber, over each support pipe. Then side each support pipe of chair/desk legs. EASY PEASY!

Band and Support Pipe.

Band and Support Pipe.


     So what are they exactly? They are like giant rubber bands! Your kiddo/student can fidget, wiggle their feet on them, and get some much needed tactile input without being disruptive to themselves and other. Perfect for kids with Autism, ADHD and more.  Unlike rubber bands, Bouncy Bands® are quiet, so no noise disruptions either. 


    Are you wondering if they work? Well, I can tell you that Liam loves his! His feet are in constant motion now, but his hands are still, and he’s focusing better on his work. Bouncy Bands® even did a survey to prove how well they work. Some of their findings are as follows (but you can see the rest HERE.)


  • 91% of teachers said that Bouncy Bands are quiet.
  • 88% of students reported that Bouncy bands helped them focus in class.
  • 84% of students stated that Bouncy Bands made it easier to do their work.
  • 92% of teachers reported that Bouncy Bands help students release energy.

    Before Bouncy Bands® Liam was so restless. His hands were always all over the place. Always touching something. He couldn’t sit still, and getting him to stay in one place was a nightmare. In a chair, he was always leaning it back, tipping over and just causing more of a raucous. Now that he has Bouncy Bands®  his hands are still and busy on the work at his desk. He is more focused and centered, and he seems to enjoy them!


    As an Autism mom, I give Bouncy Bands® two thumbs WAY UP! Liam says, “THEY ARE COOL AND FUN!” So there ya have it! For more info, or to get some for you, child or student, check out Bouncy Bands®  HERE. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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