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Get Rid Of Dull Facial Skin!

Are you ready for a new way to wipe away dead skin and give your skin a bright new glow for the new year? I am too, and I am doing just that with the new Silk’N Revit at home Microdermabrasion sessions! 

Silk'ns RevVit

Silk'n's ReVit

I have used many different types of microdermabrasion in the past, but I have yet to try something like this that actually gives you immediate proof that it is working and even better long term results!  This product was very easy to get started using and the instructions are very easy to follow. There is also a very informative video that I actually watched on their website before I started reading the instructions. The actual tool itself comes separate from the plug in so all you have to do is choose the tip that you want to use, twist it on the end, put the adapter into the device and plug it in. There is an on and off button and hitting it once will turn the device on low and hitting it twice will cut it on high. It is recommended for your first use to use it on low, just to get an idea of how it will work on your skin and so you don’t cause any irritation. The tips come in 3 different sizes Precision, Fine, and Coarse! The fine tip works well for the sides of your nose and your eye area! 

Silk'n's ReVit

Silk'n's ReVit

You will not feel any pain with the Silk’n Revit only a slight suction of the dead skin cells that are being wiped away by the diamond tipped microdermabrasion attachments! The part that I loved most is the almost felt like filters that go inside of the device right under the tips! These are black and you can change these out when they get covered in dead skin cells.  The first time I used it I just wanted to see if it was working and only after about 5 minutes the filter was showing signs of dry, dead skin! It was covered in skin and hair which let me know that it was truly working. My skin did look dry and flakey and a bit red after using it, but after applying lotion it felt smoother than ever! The one thing I do wish is that this was rechargeable so that I could lay in the bed and use it, the cord is not quite long enough for that. You will see in the pictures a new filter and then the way it looked after me using it for only 5 minutes! This is visual proof that this works and is removing a layer of dull dead skin from your face to reveal a brighter kissable skin! 


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