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Get Refreshed this summer with Glaceau Sparkling Smart Water


Glaceau Smart Water to help you make smarter choices!

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Glaceau Smart Water has added some fizz to their already great tasting water. Using a unique vapor distillation process, Smart water is filtered for a great tasting and refreshing drink. Sparkling Smart Water uses the same vapor distillation process before they add the fizz for a refreshing drink.

Smart Water Refreshing taste 

Everything seems smart these days. Smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars and more. There is a huge trend of people wanting to use smart products. Why should being smart stop at gadgets and electronics? My smart phone makes my life easier. It helps me watch my calories, keeps me up to date about my friends and makes me  easily accessible to family. I really love my smart phone because it is working hard at helping me be healthier, more active and stay organized. Smart Water can do that for you too.

Smart Water Refreshing taste

Refreshing and easy on your diet!

I was thrilled to try Glaceau Smart Water Sparkling. I love sparkling water and on occasion really enjoy an alternative to drinking water. Do you have days like that? You are trying your best to be healthy and eat the right amount of calories. You make it through the morning and then after a fairly un-fulfilling lunch you get a craving for something more. I usually crave a coke since it tastes delicious and usually fills me up as well. But, when I am really focusing on my diet and calorie intake, I just can’t afford the calories of a coke. So, I was thrilled to find Sparkling Smart water. 

Smart Water Refreshing taste glaceau

Finally, a  Smart Water drink that is sparkling and tastes great. I can not exactly figure out why it tastes better than other sparkling water available but I think it is just smoother. It has a very smooth crisp taste that really refreshes you immediately. I have tried other sparkling waters and they seem to catch in my throat. This does not. It is so smooth and refreshing I am thrilled that I have found a calorie free afternoon pick me up! 

Do you need a little boost for your diet? 

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