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Get Flawless Skin With Natural Ingredients!

I am about to turn 31 and the reality of spending years of going to the tanning bed, laying out in the sun and smoking cigarettes is setting in on my delicate facial skin! I can remember in college a few of my friends and I would go to the tanning bed before we went to the pool so we would look tan in our bikinis! Now that I look back I wish I would of at least covered up my face, or wore sunscreen! I can see fine lines around my eye area and around my lips. When I smile I can see them starting to develop on my cheeks and around my nose. 

Get Flawless Skin With Natural Ingredients!

Tata Harperis one of the worlds manufacturers of anti aging skincare and is made with the finest ingredients and 100% natural! By visiting you can actually go “inside of their labs” and watch a short video on how their products are carefully crafted.  You can literally put the number from your product and trace it back to exactly when it was batched, who it was batched by and the batch number! This was so awesome! I actually put a name and a face and a short biography with the person that create my specific product! 


The Tata Harper Elixir Vitae Ultimate Wrinkle Solution is an amazing product! It includes 38 active ingredients that help to deliver instant as well as long term results! There are results that you can see anywhere from 2 hours after using the product all the way to 42 days after using it! I noticed only after about 48 hours of using it my skin was softer and smoother! I honestly couldn’t stop putting my hands on my face because it felt so soft! It smells amazingly fresh and natural and only one pump will be enough for your entire face! I like to use this morning and night, and after my fiancee felt how smooth my face is he has started using it as well!


Knowing that a company puts so much information on their website, wanting you to know exactly what is in their product is awesome to me! So many places try to hide what is in their products this day in time and knowing that I can trust a company that makes everything directly from their farm is an awesome feeling! I can’t wait to explore their other cosmetics!  

Do you know how your skincare was made or who made it? 



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