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Get Your FLAME On with BlowPro Culinary Torch

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I’ve been introduced to the world of pleasant flavors only achievable with FLAME..I didn’t even know.  Now, I’ve watched cooking shows, and seen chefs using torches but never thought I would need one.  But guess…I do!  My daughter has wanted to do cool stuff in the kitchen, so I found a Culinary Torch from BlowPro that is sturdy and easy enough for her to use it.  Now my husband had to fill it for us but what I saw him doing it looked easy so we can have fun now! 


This blow torch is a beautiful thing to have up your sleeve to impress friends family & even yourself! I’m ready- pull out the marshmallows let’s make SMORES! 

Other uses:

  • Crisp Chicken Skin
  • Steaks- char-broil them
  • Ham
  • Pudding
  • I’m sure I will come with more! 

Now you might not think you need one, but YOU DO!  Have fun int he kitchen with your family- make smores like we did. Watch our video.


BlowPro offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so if at any time you feel you are not satisfied with the product then, please simply let them know, and they will refund you. I love how sturdy and easy it is to use.  My 12-year-old had a blast scorching marshmallows- too hot for a fire, so this is the next best thing to make smores.  Taste so good too. Fill it up and fire away enjoying its single click ignition system and experience torching from all angles with its unique angle flow technology going sideways or even upside down is not a problem! Built to last with an incredibly sturdy feel but also very professional.  We plan to make a lot of family fun with the BlowPro Torch; maybe we can make an amazing pudding,  Mexican ice cream, roasting peppers, scorching meringue, finishing off the crisp on your ham. 

Please read more about BlowPro Culinary Torch on Amazon. 



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