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A Jar filled with love and layers of flavor


Galassi Foods – Making the Taste of Homemade a Reality for Busy Families


From their kitchen to yours! From their family to yours!

Everyone always enjoyed the family’s cooking and commented that they needed to bottle the recipes and sell them for others to enjoy. That is how Galassi Foods began, a family owned and operated business since 2009.   They took the favorite recipes of family and friends and started to sell them. At first in local farmers markets in Iowa. After a great response, selling in grocery stores. Now they offer a full line of pasta sauces. 

Amazing, unique, homemade flavors

All the sauces are homemade and gourmet sauce that are packed with fresh, high quality, all natural, gluten free, and GMO free ingredients. The simple ingredient list is achieved by a unique cooking process that brings out mouth-watering, amazing flavors. Currently Galassi Foods offers four varieties of pasta sauce:  Galassi Pasta Sauce, Galassi Pasta Sauce with Mushrooms, Galassi Parmesan Cheese Pasta Sauce and Galassi Sweet Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce

The answer to amazing home cooked meals

I’m a busy wife and mother that works from home and also outside the home.  Making homemade meals isn’t always an option for our family.  Having a delicious and nutritious jarred sauce is key when making a quick meal.  My whole family absolutely loved Galassi Pasta Sauce, I used it in a recipe from Galassi Foods family recipe collection.  You will enjoy the FREE RECIPES they make available on their website. Each recipe is printable, making life just that much easier.  These great meals are sure to become a regular menu staple in your household.

Take a tour of their site and check out all of Galassi Foods amazing products:


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