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Futur-e-Stick -The Coolest Universal Tablet Holder #futuresticktabletholder

Who doesn't always wish they had something to hold their tablet or Ipad. My arm gets tired sometimes and I will set it against the dash-board when we are, driving on long trips. The Futur-e-stick will hold any size tablet or eReader or cell phone..we have had fun playing with it. I have a 10 inch tablet and the Futur-e-stick has no problem holding it.

Life is so much easier with this, you can hold the handle and still use your tablet for pictures and presentations. My favorite part is the USB charger in the handle. As with most lipstick type chargers you will not be able to completely charge your tablet but this charger gives me about a 30% battery charge which is long enough to complete the activity or trip so that we can locate a strong power source to complete the charge.

And with all the traveling we do, this is great someone can use it and be able to charge their tablet, or Ipad. So instead of you having to hold it , you can just put it on this and read and play away. The handle is great for anywhere hands free use.


The Tablet Holder by Futur-e-Stick allows you to comfortably and naturally grip and expand the use of your device and it can also be use as a stand – it allows you to prop your tablet in landscape or portrait view to watch movies, videos, get work done or take a group picture. The Tablet Holder by Futur-e-Stick also swivels so you can always find your perfect viewing angle. The universal nature of the Futur-e-Stick comes from its very special polymer support pad that sticks to any material while leaving no residue on the tablet or e-reader when removed. After months of extensive use, it also has the ability of regaining its original stickiness by simply washing it with tap water and a drop of liquid soap.


The whole Futur-e-Stick folds up nicely to fit conveniently in a purse or bag so that you can keep it with you all the time. Because it is a USB power source, you can connect to the power bank with whichever cord you usually use to charge your device.
As you are getting ready for summer fun, you should pick up a Futur-e-Stick. Keep your tablet and e-reader handy, accessible and charged so you can keep on reading at the beach, camp or even in bed!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.