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When a Friend Needs Help

Do you have a friend who needs help overcoming an addiction but you’re not sure how to help them? When a friend is struggling with alcoholism, sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn. Not only are they harming themselves, but they could possibly be putting other people’s lives in danger, especially if they are prone to drinking and driving. Instead of feeling like you can’t speak up out of fear of pushing them way, there are certain steps you can take. Your friend needs help so that they can live a healthier life without putting themselves or someone else’s life in harm’s way.


Speak to Your Friend with Love

If you have another mutual friend or family member that knows your friend well, it’s a good idea to bring that person along as backup and support. That way the person who is struggling will know that two people are there for them and that you’re not the only one noticing the signs. The idea is to come to the person in love without making them feel attacked or judged. If they feel threatened they will most likely shut down and not be as open to help, and you don’t want that to take place. Be patient and kind and hopefully they will open up to you so that they can begin their path to recovery.


Call a Rehab Center

Sometimes advice from a professional can point you in the right direction. Calling alcohol treatment centers will help you understand all that it entails, and it will also help you learn how you can best help your friend. Advanced Health and Education in New Jersey is a great location where your friend can heal and receive proper treatment for alcoholism. If you’re the one to prompt your friend to go somewhere where they’ll receive the care they need perhaps it won’t be so intimidating to them.


Listen to Your Friend When They Need You

Some people become alcoholics because they have a hard time coping with life’s challenges. Being a listening ear could make all the difference to your friend while they are going through treatment. If your friend is open to discussing with you the pain they are going through, they will be more likely to recover with the help of treatment for alcoholism and supportive people like yourself. They will overcome their pain and alcoholism.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.