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Fresh New Scent!!

I think I have finally found the scent that I will wear on my upcoming wedding day in May! I decided that I wanted to wear something that my fiancee has never smelled on me before and its hard to go and and try perfumes while you're shopping or while you are with someone else. Everything seems to get ran together no matter how many separate places on your skin you test it. 

lotus blush

Terranova has a new collection called the Terranova's Traditions Collection that will be launching this spring and I'm here to let you know why you wont be able to wait for it! This collection is not like any other perfumes I have tried in the passed. These are very premium perfumes and the thing that I love about them is that they are alcohol-free. Removing the alcohol removes the ingredient that will dry your skin out and take away from the smell setting into your skin. Removing the alcohol also leaves room for the more premium ingredients. 

The Terranovas Traditions Collection includes four new scents that include: 

Lotus Blush


Ile de Santal

Fig & Sambac



All of these smell great and my favorite out of the four is the Lotus Blush!  This is the one that I have chosen to wear for my wedding day!  The bottle is small but you have to remember it is so premium that it only takes a small amount.  I actually just use my finger over the top and put some behind my ears on my neck and both wrist. This is enough to last all day and night!  Its not too overpowering and leaves a nice lingering scent.  Lotus Blush has hints of mandarin, pear and freesia petals. It also has amber, lotus blossom and bamboo giving it a very feminine aroma.  The Ile de Santa is a unisex fragrance so it would be great for couples to share!  If you want a fresh new step into spring let the New Terranova's Traditions Collection be the step in the right way!  



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Monday 7th of March 2016

Thank you for the great review Stacy and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The fragrances are actually available for purchase NOW on our website at

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.