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Frazoni Silicone Baking Mat #FrazoniSiliconeBakingMat


This time of the year is all about BAKING…cookies, candies, cake, and pies!  My daughter is the baker in the family, and she is super excited to make her Christmas cookies.  She wants me to get her a baking mat, and I found the perfect one on Frazoni Silicone Baking Mat

Why I want this baking mat:

  •  It is completely nonstick, so that means no more sprays, grease, foil, parchment paper and other liners. Saves me money! 
  • Cleans easily by hand or in the dishwasher. My daughter can do it herself. 
  • Bakes even distributes heat and protects food from burning.  That is something I need- I tend to burn a lot. 
  • It can go in the oven, microwave and freezer.
  • Use it for dough, candy, chocolate and more.
  • Fits Half-Size baking sheets.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

Make sure to use it on a baking sheet, it is a liner. Try not cutting on the mat either because that can cause damage. You can get this mat scorching- it is heat resistant to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. I love that I don’t have to prep the mat- like grease it or anything and all I have to do is use a spatula to get stuff up from it.  Remember you don’t have to use just for desserts~ My friend told me to use for melting things like cheese, so I made easy nachos (cheese and chips). My daughter roasted carrots on they didn’t stick either.  We know when we need to make pies this is going to be heaven!  This mat is so easy to clean too! 

You can learn more and even buy Frazoni Silicone Baking Mat for under $7.00 on 

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