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Four Books I Think You Should Read for Fun And Facts

The first book is ALL SPORT TRIVIA


Over 250 amazing ball-related facts from the world of sport Alf Alderson Published by Dog ’n’ Bone, September 2016, $15.95

Featuring obscure, unbelievable, intriguing and engaging facts about some of the world’s most popular (and not so popular) ball sports, discover fascinating nuggets of information on the sports, the balls, the players, the history and plenty more. Over 20 sports are covered and you can find out why the number of dimples on a golf ball can make you a better player, how many tennis balls are used each year at Wimbledon and who is the world’s highest-earning ball player.

Second Book is CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A hilarious collection of over 300 twisted facts to make your toes curl Caroline West & Mark Latter Published by Dog ‘n’ Bone, August 2016, $14.95


Try and get your head around this brilliant collection of over 300 mind-blowing facts. Did you know that you’re more likely to die in an accident involving a sandcastle than you are from a shark bite? Or that a decapitated cockroach can survive without food until it eventually starves to death? If that’s not enough to pique your interest, how about the fact that an adult foot produces around four tablespoons of sweat per day, that’s over two shot glasses full!

 Third Book is Cool Cats and Fashion Felines Over 50 Catwalk Kitties and Style Icons Rus Hudda Published by Dog ’n’ Bone, September 2016, $14.95

IW CB1048_CATS_Jkt_ PLC.indd

What happens when you cross the world of fashion with the lives of the world’s most popular pet, the cat? When two of the most popular areas of the internet age combine, Cool Cats & Fashion Felines is the wonderfully silly result. Featuring hilarious illustrations and comic strips, this cute collection of the chicest kitties on the catwalk is sure to impress and amuse. Perfect for those who love their pussycats and have a passion for fashion.

Fourth Book is Sound and Vision A guide to music’s cult artists – from punk, alternative and indie through to hip hop, dance music, and beyond JOHN RIORDAN Published by Dog ’n’ Bone, September 2016, $19.95


Love music? Love illustration? Want to know more about some of the best musicians ever to record— from Bowie and the Beastie Boys to The Strokes and St Vincent? Then Sound and Vision is for you. Featuring 100 of the coolest artists from the last five decades, Sound and Vision reveals the influencers and tastemakers who have helped to shape the contemporary music scene. Award-winning illustrator and comic artist John Riordan profiles cult musicians from genres including punk, indie, alternative, hip hop and electronic music.

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