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Feel Sexy With These Bras

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When it comes to me picking out the next bra, I have to take a lot for consideration. First, we all want a bra that feels beautiful and comfortable, The way it feels and makes me look is a big thing to me. And finding those perfect bras can become a job in itself.

Not any more I have recently fond the perfect place to get some new bras, Innovation Curvycouture, and these are some of the nicest bras I have seen in a while, now finding my perfect bra will not be so hard. These bras are made on the foundation of curves, that reinvents you, transforms your shape and posture, makes you look younger, feel confident and sexy.

Being a full figure girl we want something makes us feel sexy, and these bras do, we want comfort and a great fit. Making me feel so sexy and giving me a whole new me. There are times when we buy a bra, and get it home and try it on and think this isn't what I thought. This time when these arrived they fit perfect and felt so right on. There are so many colors and styles to choose from, how would you just pick one. They have sizes for everyone so that's not a problem.

Being able to choose and pick the style I wanted was so much fun, and with all the styles to choose from it was hard. Here are the ones I did choose.

Purple Passion Unlined Underwire





Breathtakingly beautiful, our ultra-feminine embroidered collection is perfect for the romantic at heart. Designed for romance, with unlined cups that skim your curves and an inner sling for support and shaping. Put a little romance in your life!


Sheer Seduction Full Coverage Underwire



Full coverage has never looked so good. The Sheer Seduction bra combines super silky micro with a contrast neckline for an ever-so-perfect fit. The oversized mesh bow and tear drop center front gem add an extra touch of feminine beauty.


Fantasia Spacer Jacquard


Our Fantasia spacer collection combines the newest technology with the Curvy Couture fit you know and love! This molded smooth cup bra is made of spacer fabric, not foam, which molds to your shape to give you a natural look and feel.


The picture does not do these great bras justice, they are all naturally beautiful and feel great on. No worries about the underwire, cutting into my skin. So happy I was able to find these and pick the ones I wanted. There are so many great products to choose from. Why not take a peek yourself. 


What would you want? 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.