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Feel Clean and Revived with Zest Fruit Boost


Zest gives a new boost to your shower with Fruit Boost!

Zest has been producing quality soaps and body washes for years. With a variety of products to fit every person’s need, Zest has a soap just for you. The new line of Zest Fruit Boost is 2x concentrated to give you a longer lasting clean in every bottle.


Do you remember the Zest commercials? The ones where some very smiley person would be standing in the bathroom having just taken a shower and they would hold a bath towel with Zest on it? Then they would shout ” Zest Fully Clean!” as the song would play reminding everyone that you aren’t clean until you are “Zest fully clean!” I just loved those commercials. So cheesy yet it really made you excited about using a new soap. Well, at least for me it did, since the song would literally play over and over again in my head.

Years may have passed since the commercials have played but Zest is still going strong by providing great products. Fruit Boost is a new concentrated shower gel that allows you to use less with the same amount of clean feeling results. Each of these new flavors is a kick in freshness.clean


  • VERY BERRY is full of a berry-and delicious scent. It’s invigorating scent fills the shower with a jolt of berries that remind me of summer

  • POMEGRANATE ACAI BERRY is so refreshing and clean smelling. The scent of pomegranates is softer and will just rejuvenate your skin with moisture and vitamin C.

  • body wash clean fruit boost
  • CITRUS SPLASH is a powerful wash with a citrus explosion! Packed with the fresh scents of orange lemon and lime this will wake you up in the morning and you might actually jump out of the shower shouting “Zest Fully Citrus Clean!”

  • PEACH MANGO packs a delicious punch of mango scent. Reminding you of a more tropical place this scent will take your troubles to an island far far away.

Each of these new Fruit Boost Shower Gel’s are wonderful. Great smelling but still giving you that “Zestfully clean” feeling we all know and love. So tell me, Do you remember the Zest commercial?

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