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Familoop Safeguard #Familoop


Being a parent we are always our hardest to protect our children. There is so much going on in this world, we tend to want to shelter them. With all the kids today being so smart and using the internet, texting, and social media sites, that is harder than ever for today’s parents. With cyberbullying, a variety of content online that is unsafe for children, and rises in cyber crime, the world-wide web can be a very dangerous place.

But how can we protect our children from all this negativity, Familoop Safeguard is the thing you need, helps you get to know your kid’s digital self and establishes the most complete protection in the often unsafe online world. As a parent you want to keep them away from all the bad things, In today’s world kids as well as adults love-making fun of people and then they take it to far , with bullying them on-line.

With the Familoop Safeguard you can control what they can and can’t do, easy to set up and navigate through. Familoop Safeguard is a parental control app that works on most devices, allowing you to control your child’s safety and monitor their Internet usage from any device.

The first set up is easy, download this ap to the devices you want to have it, then you control it from your computer. When you add the user, you add in their social accounts, and then automatically track all of their devices, social accounts and more. When you add the user then you have the control of all the devices they have.

You can choose to blacklist specific websites, block specific types of searches, and block content like swear words, porn, and other information that you don’t want your kids to see. We need to be in charge of kids and what they do,

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.