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Essential Oil Booster – Micro-Vibration Eye & Face #EssentialOilBooster

#EssentialOilBooster Can I just say…wow loving the Essential Oil Booster – Micro-Vibration Eye & Face.  I've used it for a week, and I can tell a difference with the lines around my eyes, now when I ask other people they don't see it yet.  That's okay they don't look at my lines/wrinkles every day I do!  I think the skin is getting a better workout with this wand then if I was massaging with my fingers.  I don't have to use it very long at all, and it's part of my morning and nighttime beauty regimen. 

This new ionic infusion wand from Swiss-Ultimate Labs uses negative-ion, micro-electric pulses & ultrasonic therapy to gently ‘push' treatments deeper. Especially in the under-eye area. A high-tech, palm-sized sonic infusion device, designed to build skin's resilience & flexibility.  Then prevent future damage around your eye area. Unlike our other massagers, this device has a physical on/off switch.

It works by gently tapping the skin around your eye at around 140+ sonic bps (beats per second) this amazing system helps boost absorption of serums and creams in a way just not possible when using your finger alone.Perfect for the eye area. Can also be used on the brow, forehead, cheek & lip areas. 30 seconds of use results in immediately hydrated, firmer & refreshed eyes & skin. You must see the noticeable improvement in your skin's elasticity, or 100% of your money back.

Apply favorite essential oil, serum or cream to your under-eye area (Swiss Ultimate Serum recommended for best results) as you normally would.

Switch device on. Lightly touch the device to your skin under your eye – goes to work, encouraging absorption of the treatment into your skin, where it can work best. Following the massage pattern in the included instructions, continue to massage the area for 30-seconds. Repeat, morning & evening before bedtime.

After 3-4 weeks or less, fine lines and puffiness are visibly reduced, and the area under your eyes appears significantly younger.

Try 100% RISK-FREE for 90-days. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE 

Essential Oil Booster – Micro-Vibration Eye & Face Massager on

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.