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Enhance Your Tattoos With KEEPZ-IT Cream

KEEPZ-IT cream- enhance and rejuvenate your tattoos. is a Tattoo care company that carries KEEPZ-IT cream which is made with all natural ingredients like Shea butter, grape seed oil and Japanese green tea. KEEPZ-IT works like magic and has been formulated to not only protect and shield your skin from the harsh environment, but also enhance and rejuvenate your tattoos.

My husband is tatted up and oh boy I love his Tattoos.  He applies lotion every day but when I saw this product I knew I needed to get some for him.  He put some on and later that day his one tattoo that has very little color (red) kept catching my eye.  The “red” in the heart was a lot more noticeable.  He uses this weekly now and plans to get more.  My husband has only black ink (except for the heart) so now he wants a colorful tattoo because this cream will help the color not to fade. This cream will also help enhance the colors so he is all for getting a colored tattoo now! Tattoos fade over the years and should be taken care so using a product that designed to protect and enhance tattoos is so worth it! 

KEEPZ-IT cream- enhance and rejuvenate your tattoos.What a great gift this would be for the Tattoo Lover in your life ! They also have other products that help when you get a tattoo, help heal the tattoo and protection from the sun.  Please visit InkCopious to check out all their Tattoo care products. 

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