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Eliminating Ear Pain With Ear Relief Oral Liquid



Whenever my daughter catches a cold the first thing she complains about is her throat. Next, she complains about her ears. Her next move is to creep into my room during the wee hours of the morning, crying because her ears are hurting. My first reaction is always to think the worst. OMG she has an ear infection! That’s a logical conclusion right? Then I calm down and remember that this happens every single time she has a cold. I never thought there was much of a solution for it until this product came along.


Kids Relief, Ear Relief Oral Liquid is a safe and natural homeopathic medicine that helps calm and soothe discomfort in ears. It also soothes sensitivity due to water and drafts, and helps clear trapped water. This safe, grape flavored medicine has no side effects, no drug interaction, and is gluten free, dye free and sugar free. Winter is slowly approaching and I’m sure that my daughter is going to catch a cold during that time. With its natural ingredients, we can feel safe about using this product to get rid of the ear pain and both rest better throughout those nights.


How does it work?

These five active ingredients work together to reduce discomfort.

  • Ferrum Phosphoricum (sensitivity to touch)
  • Capsicum Annuum (sensitivity to touch)
  • Pyrogenium (coldness and chilliness)
  • Arsenicum album (burning sensation of the ear)
  • Belladonna ( fullness of the ear, nighttime calmative)


Using these ingredients it alleviates severe ear pain, ear pressure, inflammation, fever, sinus and head pain. Thanks to Ear Relief Oral Liquid, moms don't have to rush to the doctor, only to be prescribed a chemical solution for their child’s ear problem. This natural and safe solution allows kids to carry on with their day and eliminate the restless nights which means more sleep for mom too. No more midnight crying spells caused by ear pain.


Be prepared for those nights when you’re awakened by crying due to ear discomfort by having the Ear Relief Oral Liquid. This fast acting, fruit flavored solution can be found at a variety of retailers including Target and Whole Foods for $7.99.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.