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Easter Candies For Your Little Bunny

Disclaimer: I received the products shown free of charge to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All ideas and opinions are 100% my own.

Easter is quite literally right around the corner … T minus 2 days and counting! Eek!!! How did it sneak up on us so fast?! Never fear. Here are some great options if you're looking for delicious and beautiful Easter candies for your little bunny. Gimbal's Fine Candies has a little something for everyone available in their line of products. So, get yourself to a store near you and stock up on these little bits of heaven!

In the pretty glasses in the rear of the above photo are featured three of my personal faves — Cinnamon Lovers, Scottie Dogs (black licorice), and Cherry Lovers.

Front and center are several varieties of jelly beans. I had no idea that Gimball's Fine Candies made so many different flavors.

Those small jars in the front of the above photo are souvenirs of my nephew's wedding. They had one of these jars with dark blue M&Ms in them and tied with navy blue ribbon at each place setting for the dinner after their ceremony. I kept them just sure I'd find a fun way to use them in the future — and here they are, repurposed to help show off the delicious Easter candies you see before you!

My kids don't like black licorice, so that bag of Scottie Dogs — MINE!!! I really did intend to share them with my mother-in-law, who also loves black licorice. But, I haven't had the opportunity to go see her and while working on photos for this article and making plans for how I plan to use the candies shown here for my kids' Easter baskets … well, let's just say those little Scottie Dogs were not long for this world and they have gone on to a better place. (a.k.a. In My Belly!) :)

I will admit I am a major procrastinator when it comes to gifts and baskets and the like. So, while I have store bags full of Easter themed goodies stuck away in my mudroom, I have yet to actually start filling the kids baskets. Mostly that's because I can't decide if I want to use their regular Easter baskets or if I want to try a neat idea I saw on Facebook, where someone posted pics of opened umbrellas filled (just like an Easter basket) with the colorful grass and Easter-themed items and candies.

At least I have the all the candies and other items I need to create the perfect masterpieces for the kids. There is that, right?

Gimbal's Fine Candies was founded in 1898 by Alexander Gimbal in San Francisco, California. Four generations later, the company is still going strong cranking out old-time favorites and creating fun new candy options for their loyal customers. And I love that everything they create is made right here in the USA. Their fruit flavored varieties are made with real fruit juice and contain antioxidant Vitamin C and are made without the addition of high-fructose corn syrup. Gimbal's candies are peanut-free, tree nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and egg-free. So, there… if you need any excuse at all to indulge yourself, here it is.

To find out where to buy Gimbal's candy, head over HERE.

What fun and creative ways can you think of to re-package Gimball's treats for your kids' Easter baskets. Share with the rest of us!!!

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Friday 25th of March 2016

These are too cute!

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