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DIY Detox Spa Treatment



Detoxifying treatments can work either internally through cleanses – be they teas, certain foods and/or supplements to help the body eliminate metabolic wastes that have been stored (either in the organs or muscles). Externally, things like scrubs and wraps have long been used to help the body eliminate these wastes. Through body exfoliation, you’re ridding the skin of layers of dead cells, thus allowing the pores to “open” and “breathe” more easily.

Body wraps that incorporate seaweed, mud, clay and some of the other ingredients listed below can be very beneficial – when used in conjunction with heat. The heat causes the body to sweat, which is one of the ways that we eliminate things from our system.

DIY Detox Treatments

1. At home, baths are great way to give yourself a little detox treatment. There are a lot of products available on the market (Naturopathica is a wonderful line that is affordable and really safe for home use. People can go to their website and purchase them on line).

2. For an at-home remedy, soaking in Epson salts is great. Mix in a half cup into a hot bath – the goal is that you want to sweat, but the temperature should be tolerable. Essential oils can also be added to the bath water.

3. Another home remedy is a ginger poultice. Take a piece of fresh ginger root – look for a piece that is really plump with shiny skin – and grate it into a piece of cheese cloth. Gather up the sides of the cheese cloth and tie it so your now have a ball – it should be the size of a tennis ball or small orange. Squeeze this into your bath water and then let the ball soak in the tub with you. Soak for 15- 20 minutes. Jenny recommends having a glass or cup of cold water to sip on as your soaking – you don’t want to get dizzy or dehydrated from sweating. She also recommends rinsing off in tepid water after your done bathing – this helps to bring the body temperature back down. It also helps give your skin a final rinse/cleaning. After your body has returned to normal temperature, apply a light moisturizer to rehydrate the skin.

DIY Salt Scrub Recipe

· Jenny advises using a coarse salt. This salt can be found on the Internet, but people should look for something that has a little weight and texture, and hasn’t been processed by a lot of chemicals.

· Then, simply mix a quantity of the salt with a small amount of oil to make a paste. Any type of oil can be used, but Jenny prefers olive oil because it’s rich in vitamin E, which is excellent for the skin.

· Sesame oil is also another good choice for the same reason, but this is a little more expensive.

· Any kind of essential oils can be added, however things like rosemary and sage are known for the detoxifying benefits.

· It’s worth noting people need to be careful when working with pure essential oils, with the exception of Lavender – most are caustic if applied directly to the skin. They need to be added to a carrier such as oil or water.

· When applying the salt scrub, it is best to apply in small circular motions. This helps reduce the possibility of irritating the skin.

· At the Healing Arts Center and Spa, they typically start at the legs and work their way up the body when doing scrubs and body treatments; however, at home it’s really up to the individual.


The information and  recipes on detoxifying DIY spa treatments  are from Expert Jenny Helling, Director of the Healing Arts Center and Spa at Cavallo Point Lodge.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.