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Discover Summer’s Most Craved Cuban Cocktails

disclosureIt’s that time of the year for mostly everyone (except for those of us in Hot States where we retreat indoors during the summer, but I digress) where BBQ’s and Cocktails just find themselves together. Sun, Sand, Backyards, Pools and Lawn chairs become the way of life. On one hand I can name my favorite ways to spend a nice (non Hot State) summer! With a Drink, a chair, some fun in the sun, family and Good GREAT food! In south Florida I do that just in shorter more selective bursts because otherwise you melt into a crispy yet soggy mess of unhappy goo. However, since I live in Florida (now) I do live around a good number of Cubans and let me tell you they really know how to mix up a drink! Especially if your a fan of Rum *hand raised*! Of course being the non-native Floridian that I am I had no idea how to mix up these concoctions on my own until I got my hand on, ‘Cuban Cocktails’ by Katherine Bebo. CubanCocktails1In the book, you find the most wonderfully delicious drink recipes that I swore I had to go to a bar in order to enjoy. However, that is no longer the case and I no longer have to go spend a fortune at a bar for a good drink because I can make some great ones right here at home!cubancocktails3With drinks like the Planter’s Punch that are filled with 2 kinds of Rum, Orange juice, lime juice, grenadine and soda water then topped off with a fresh orange it’s like drinking Paradise in a glass. Of course if you like a little less fruit you can always create a wonderful Malecon which has just enough fruit taste and a little bit of bitter too. My ultimate favorite just has to be the Chi Chi which personally I think belongs in a coconut with a straw (or a pineapple)! The Chi Chi consists of Pineapple juice, coconut milk, vodka and is garnished with an orange and pineapple slice.cubancocktails4Whatever your taste sweet, sour or in between your are sure to find the perfect Cuban Cocktail to swoon all your summer guests and to have even more fun the book also include s a few delicious starter recopies as well. So your Backyard Soiree’s will be the talk of the town or at least won’t leave you with a guahhzillion leftovers to try and force feed your family!cubancocktails2

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