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Curly Hair get the Care you need with Jirano

Get Curly Hair Under Control with Jirano!

Jirano focus' on making your hair “Simply Beautiful”. What started out as a tradition of making homemade creams that nourished hair, has blossomed into helping all of us get beautiful hair. A family recipe and technique targets curly hair with the right ingredients that make your hair “simply beautiful”.

I have curly hair. Naturally curly. Sometimes it is wonderful and so easy to just wear my hair wet with a little product that enhances my curl. Other times, I resemble a forsaken birds nest. Caring for my curly hair is a continually struggle to find the product that enhances my curl without all the chemicals that harm it. Jirano has a line of Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner designed to cleanse and condition your curly hair.

Coconut Co-Wash Shampoo is amazing. Not only does it clean my hair, it smells amazing. It transports me to a tropical island with its intoxicating scent of coconut. Just picture your self on a tropical beach somewhere and the bottled scent will have you truly believing it. This is by far my favorite shampoo for my curly hair. I love the scent but the results are wonderful as well.

The Silky Coconut conditioner is unbelievable. Silky is just the word that will describe your hair once you use it. It coats your hair and completely hydrates your locks so that you can feel the softness. I was blown away by the difference after even just one use. There are wonderful ingredients in this combo that really provide results of curly but soft hair.

Overall, I was amazed at the scent of each product and would use them for that reason alone! But on top of smelling like fresh coconut, they work really well without weighing my hair down. Cleansing and conditioning my curls so that they are soft and bouncy. You can shop on their website and take a look at the products they offer. If you have curly hair and are looking for a curly hair shampoo or a solid conditioner that will provide moisture and softness, this is the combo for you. I am excited to try some of their other hair products since these were so amazing. Do you have curly hair?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.