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Create Fun Moments with Gnoments ~ Relationship Gnomes

Love Is More Fun With Gnoments

Gnoments – a unique relationship-building tool to help you share and create special moments with the one you love.  The Gnoments kit includes a boy and girl gnome, each with a special pouch for including notes, mementos, and gifts, along with an embedded NFC chip for high-tech messages, and a 32 page hard-covered, illustrated story book with ideas to get you started so you can begin making special moments today.  
Oh my goodness, these Gnomes are so adorable and I just want to take them everywhere to share how they work.  Valentine's Day is never a big hit in our house because someone (me) has such high hopes and usually is let down.  So for the past couple years, it has just been a normal day in our house.  This year (last year too) my husband and I have been having some issues so when these cute relationship gnomes arrived I was all for trying them out.  My husband even let me install the app and send him messages, he hasn't really figured out how to send me texts (just him being stubborn) but I'm having fun at least.  He likes when I send him a message when he is at work.  This past week I've been sending emails, text messages, pics, and surprises in the gnome itself. I've been having fun.  
Last night I left Papa Gnome on my husband's pillow with a little kiss in his backpack- see above pic.  I've been leaving notes too.  Each gnome has a special surprise pouch on it's back to hide a note or anything you want to put in there.  What is so cool is with my smartphone I can send videos, clips, photos,  and directions through the gnomes embedded NFC technology.  Or if you're not so techy- you can do the same through text or email.  Also,  this isn't just for Valentines- I plan to use this all year long. It allows us to create fun moments for the one we love.  This will make a wonderful gift for COUPLES!

Why I love my GNOMES 

  • Gnomes are magical
  • Gnomes are sentimental
  • Gnomes are loyal
  • Gnomes are mischievous
  • Gnomes like to help love grow
  • Gnomes love to dance
  • Gnomes are keepers of treasures

There is also a BOOK that is filled with ideas to help couples create special moments 



Make 2016 the year your relationship blasts off with the help of a mischievous gnome duo.

Find more out about these fun loving Gnomes on 

Also, leave a comment letting us know who you would give this to (or keep) and WHY? 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.