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Cozy Cat Furniture Review


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I had recently adopted a 7 month old kitten from my local animal shelter. It took me several weeks before I picked the one I wanted. I went into the shelter and was looking at this very loving and comforting kitten. She is black and white and  her name is Chloe. I took her home that day and she fit in perfect to my very busy household. She is still fitting in good and she has made her place in the family as the Diva of the family. 

When I found I was going to get to review a Cat from Cozycatfurniture I was so excited and was excited to pick my condo out for my adorable Kitty. I picked the Faux Fur Cheap Kitty Condo.  The kitty condo tower comes with a scratch post , two platforms ,a kitty hiding whole and a sleeping spot at the very top of the tower. The tower is very soft and is a light tan color that will fit in any decor. 

Now my Chloe loves her tower and she is always on it. She is always playing on it . The part I love the most is the scratch post on the bottom that’s because it saves my furniture and carpet. Chloe is a very playful kitty and loves to things also. I will be adding some toys to the tower for to lay with and chase. 

The tower as very easy to put together. When you get the tower and you are looking at the instructions you will notice that there are no words it’s that easy and simple. it took me about a half an hour to 45 mins to put mine together and that was also because I have a three yr old that loved to help mommy when ever I am doing something. I got the condo put to together and was very impressed. It is very sturdy and well manufactured. 

If you are looking for a cat tower for your kitty head to they have everything from one singe tower to kitty mansions as I call them.  There is something there for everyone and every kitty . 


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