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Book Of Ideas ~ Confidant Notebook

Baron Fig Mission: To champion thinkers in their journey to create and inspire the world.

Reason to LOVE Notebooks 

  1. Opens Flat: Don't you hate when the middle of a notebook doesn't lay flat.
  2. Three types of paper: Allows you to draw, write, diagram—and all the little things in-between.Blank, Ruled, or Dot Grid
  3. Smart Dimensions: With intelligent adjustments to size you can use one page with more breathable (and usable) space than leading notebooks.
  4. Quality Lasting Paper: Acid-free fine grain paper allows you to use all sorts of mediums and archive your books safe from degradation.
  5. 12 Perforated Pages: There are twelve perforated pages at the end of every book, so you don't have to ruin your binding to remove a sheet.
  6. Plenty of Pages: 192 pages 
  7. Simple & Beautiful: Nothing on the outside, only the necessities on the inside. Simple essentials as the ultimate sophistication.

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When designing these notebooks they contacted all types of thinkers around the world and asked them one simple question: What do you like in a Sketchbook or Notebook? Their thoughts and ideas fueled their research, discussion, and design. That is so smart, and I see why it is such an awesome notebook!

They have a program called One Book, One Tree, and they have planted 52,866 Trees. If you are in need of a planner, check out their 2016 Planner.

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What does Baron Fig Mean?

The creative journey revolves around the dichotomy of Discipline and Impulse: having the discipline to work hard and the impulse to go to places you (and others) haven’t. The Greek gods/brothers Apollo (discipline) and Dionysus (impulse) represent this dichotomy perfectly. “Baron” is derived from the Apollonian symbol of “soldier”, and “Fig” is a symbol of Dionysus. Thus Baron Fig—Discipline & Impulse.


Perfect gift for the writer, planner, organizer, traveler, bride, blogger, or anyone who needs a nice notebook to write down their ideas. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.